Ark Survival Evolved: Plesiosaur Taming! S3E43 (Gameplay)

Ark Survival Evolved: Plesiosaur Taming! S3E43 (Gameplay)

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Are you ready to dive in the ocean of ARK Survival Evolved? This time, we will explore another awesome taming performance in the deep water. Follow the guy named Sl1pg8r and check out how he domesticated another Plesiosaur!

Domesticating Plesiosaur

Without a doubt, the Ark ocean is such a gruesome place filled with giant aquatic carnivorous creatures. This guy also had some troubles at the beginning in the move when he was about to tame Plesiosaur. If you want to tame this creature, just make sure you already prepare lots of strong weapons for the battle under water. This guy used long tranquilizer arrows, tranquilizer darts to kill lots of creatures such as Megapiranha, and much more. The hunting and taming can last longer than a day, the guy in the video had to spend his night alone sitting by the water after taming tons of Megalodon. You can name your tamed creatures in the end! They will become your best buddies in the game!
For full gameplay video, watch it below here!

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