ARK Survival Evolved: NEW SCORPION TAME! S3E5 (Gameplay)

ARK Survival Evolved: NEW SCORPION TAME! S3E5 (Gameplay)

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Taming in such a cold weather condition must be very arduous but still it’s awesome! Let’s take a look at a new video of ARK Survival Evolved about the new taming of scorpion done by Sl1pg8r!

New Taming Adventure

In the video, there are various dinosaurs that the guy needs to kill on his way to the new scorpion. When bumping into these untamed creatures, you have no choice but starting killing them so that you can get more items adding to your inventory. Our guy has already annihilated some of the dinosaurs such as Carbonemys, Sarco and so on, and then he continued his adventure to “hunt for” scorpion. The core battle must be the outstanding one! In the video, we can see that the scorpion is lurking behind the bushes and the guy easily can shoot at it using his tranq arrows until the targets stop moving. After domesticating, the guy can easily ride on it, adding more dinosaurs to his collection.

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