ARK Survival Evolved: NEW ARGENTAVIS w/ ZUELJIN! S3E12 (Gameplay)

ARK Survival Evolved: NEW ARGENTAVIS w/ ZUELJIN! S3E12 (Gameplay)

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Let’s make your day complete with a brand new video of ARK Survival Evolved game showing the domesticating of new Argentavis which is a hostile bird released in the game!

Taming epic Argentavis

Get ready to enjoy an epic domestication of the two guys in the video! Today, they are heading toward to the water and prepare for the forthcoming attacks of Argentavis and other creatures living by the sea. They use a floating raft then roam around the island over the sea just to hunt for some of the untamed aggressive creatures. First of all, you can see that there is one big Argentavis flying toward them hostilely. The guy quickly uses his bow and arrow to shoot it from a distance. Although he fails at defeating it at the beginning, then the creature comes back, and he takes it down easily. After that, these guys bump into another dinosaur named Carno, and this one is also tough to tackle with. The guy keeps shooting the arrows to Carno until it bleeds and gets sank into the water. The battle still goes on and on when there are other Argentavis coming up. Alright, let’s follow these awesome guys to find out how to defeat and domesticate Argentavis! Have fun!

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