Ark Survival Evolved: Mobile Taming Platform! S3E38 ( Gameplay )

Ark Survival Evolved: Mobile Taming Platform! S3E38 ( Gameplay )

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Get ready to discover new epic adventure and get more funny moments with a new video gameplay of ARK Survival Evolved now! Today we will check out the mobile taming platform and the domestication of the Sabertooth Tiger!

Mobile Taming Platform

So now you have tamed a bunch of female scorpions, and you have no suitable place to keep them in, it’s time for getting the so-called taming platform. Before placing them in the big platform, the guy in the video did battle against some of the untamed creatures and he succeeded in killing them, such as Meganeura, Carno and much more, after that he domesticated Pulminoscpious, then put them in the big taming platform before heading back to his base. You can totally advance your taming platform into the mobile one with nice structures, build up a gate, using some of the materials in the inventory.

Taming Sabertooth Tiger

When you’re done with your mobile taming platform, now it’s time to domesticate a high-level Sabertooth Tiger! Watch out for falling off the mobile taming platform! To tame this creature, you need to use the tranquilizer darts and shoot at it without ceasing until it falls asleep, meaning you succeed in taming it.
For further views, watch full gameplay video below here:

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