ARK Survival Evolved: MAMMOTH TAMING! S3E7 (Gameplay)

ARK Survival Evolved: MAMMOTH TAMING! S3E7 (Gameplay)

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It’s time for taming one of the biggest ancient dinosaurs! Are you ready to confront with Mammoth in ARK Survival Evolved? Let’s check out this new gameplay now done by Sl1pg8r and his buddy, DraaxLP!

Mammoth Taming

Before departing this epic taming adventure, you need to understand that the dinosaur you are about to tame is Mammoth, which is kind of giant and probably hostile if being provoked. Prepare your stamina, and choose the weapons or any tools that can help you in this taming. The battle takes place in a rough area filled with high rocks, stones and stuff like that. It’s a beautiful waterfall, and a big Mammoth was there! These guys in the video used the Tranq arrows in order to shoot at this target from the distance. Since Mammoth can be in the water, you need to make sure that your shots are correct, especially there are too many tough rocks surrounding. Aim and shoot your arrows accurately to take Mammoth down, accomplishing your taming! Watch the video below to find out more! Have fun!

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