Ark Survival Evolved: Gallimimus Taming! S3E30 (Gameplay)

Ark Survival Evolved: Gallimimus Taming! S3E30 (Gameplay)

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Let’s experience the Gallimimus taming in ARK Survival Evolved via a new gameplay video now! This is going to be an epic taming adventure that you shouldn’t miss. Check it out now!

Domesticating Gallimimus

Take an epic hunting adventure and take a ride on your flying creature to search for your target, namely Gallimimus. It’s so amazing to fly and travel in the sky, right? Remember to bring an ARK map, or else it’s easy for you to get lost or travel in the wrong direction. Taming a Gallimimus is so hard because this creature keeps moving around. Hence, the guy in the video was so well-prepared when he used lots of tranquilizer darts to shoot at the target. When you’re done taming, just simply give it a cute name, and you have a cute Gallimimus as a new pet for your tribe. After that, you can test its abilities, take a ride on it, see how far it can jump, and much more.

Check out full video below here:

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