ARK Survival Evolved: FLAK ARMOR TIME! S3E14 (Gameplay)

ARK Survival Evolved: FLAK ARMOR TIME! S3E14 (Gameplay)

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Keep your spirit up and follow us to find out new activities in ARK Survival Evolved game! After the failure of taming Dimetrodon and Dung Beetle last time, the guy named Sl1pg8r is finally back with his brand new stuff in the video showing some of the big upgrades made by him, including Flak Armor! Let’s check out now!

Creating big upgrades in ARK Survival Evolved game

First of all, he starts building up new fabricator and places it in a new place. To do this, he prepares some of the essential materials, or even battles against the big dinosaur and defeats it so that he will get benefits. Also, he even gets a new helmet skin and dyes it to make it look more amazing. After getting new items, he departs his aquatic adventure to kill dinosaur so that he can fill his Inventory with more stuff, like oil, meat, prime meat and so on. These new items, like oil, can be very useful for the Dung Beetle. Seemingly, this guy had so much fun with new activities and upgrades in the game. For further detail, you can watch the video by yourself and explore more!

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