Ark Survival Evolved: Deep Sea Loot Crates! S3E46 (Gameplay)

Ark Survival Evolved: Deep Sea Loot Crates! S3E46 (Gameplay)

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Check out a new gameplay video of ARK Survival Evolved now! Let’s depart another epic adventure under the water to search for some of the locations that have deep sea loot crates!

Hunting for deep sea loot crates

It’s so amazing to ride on Plesiosaur after taming it and head into the water! The ocean in Ark game is so dreadful, it’s so dark, and it’s always filled with hostile carnivorous creatures. In the video, the guy took his Plesiosaur out and departed another trip under the water. He wanted to search for lots of zones that have deep sea loot crates. On his way, he bumped into the “uninvited guests”, specifically aggressive megapiranhas. He killed all of them and tried to protect his life! Also, this adventure brings so many awesome stuff that the players can collect, like silica pearls for example, then added those precious things to his inventory. The adventure turns out to be very awesome. If you want to explore full video, let’s watch it below here!

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