Ark Survival Evolved: Albino Trex Taming! S3E45 (Gameplay)

Ark Survival Evolved: Albino Trex Taming! S3E45 (Gameplay)

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Know what it takes to tame Albino Trex in ARK Survival Evolved game? It’s time to find out more stuff and awesome things in this world and learn how to domesticate this creature!
Exploring interesting stuff and things

Through a gameplay video presented by a guy named Sl1pg8r, we can see that he did lots of funny stuff in his video. What a beautiful land! He has visited an amazing land filled with scenic views and tons of Kairuku. He used his weapon to shoot and kill those creatures, which brought more materials to his inventory. After that, he moved back to his base for fulfilling other things, such as dye the helmet for his character, dye a shield and equip his character with a new outfit.

Hunting and Taming Albino Trex

Are you ready for another epic taming dinosaur performance? This time, let’s jump into the wild and hunt for Albino Trex! On you way, you are supposed to kill other dinosaurs that you bump into. In the video, our guy already killed Dodo, Parasaur, Bronto then finally, he could get closer to Albino Trex. This creature keeps moving around, so if you want to domesticate it, you can use the tranquillizer darts just like the guy did in his video. Keep launching darts at this creature until it passes out. However, to make your taming easier, you can leave it alone in a few minutes, and then you head back to your base, make more kibbles and come back to it. You can totally tame it with lots kibble. At the end of the video, the guy succeeded in domesticating Albino Trex, and then he dyed a saddle, put it on this creature so that he could ride on it! That’s so amazing! Check out the full video below here!

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