Setting up Cruise Control in ARK

Setting up Cruise Control in ARK

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In ARK Survival Evolved game, the cruise control is very crucial to set up, and it requires the players to learn how to do so by utilizing the AutoHotkey marcos. It must be awesome for the game to have an autowalk key, and you can easily use it when you need to fly across the map.

In this instruction on how to create Cruise Control, the developers carry out a feature, and they use AutoHotkey which is known as a macro program. With this program, the players can totally automate a lot of missions through various games. But in this guide, it’s mostly used for making the cruise. The generated macros will keep pressing and holding down key W until you turn it off by utilizing the hotkeys.

Steps to establish cruise control

Start to install AutoHotkey

First of all, the program which will operate the generated macros must be installed. It will read the macro file, then change the commands into actions.

  1. Go to this link to download and install AutoHotkey

Setting up Cruise Control in ARK

  1. Start to download the program. There are several instructions on the screen indicating how to install software. Follow all the guides.

Making the Script File

After installing the software, moving on, you need to write a script which the program is able to run.

  1. Go to the desktop, click right mouse, choose “New”, then choose “AutoHotkey Script”.

Setting up Cruise Control in ARK

  1. Give the file a name that you like, click right on it, then choose “Edit Script”

Setting up Cruise Control in ARK

Start to write the Script

Now you have an empty script file, let’s begin to write the commands.

  1. You have to copy and paste the texts below into the bottom of the file:

“F5:: Send {w down}



Send {w up}




After copying and pasting the contents, it will be like this:

Setting up Cruise Control in ARK

  1. Select the exit button, you will see a note to save the changes, you must click “Yes”.

Operating the Script

To make the script run, you need to click the generated file twice. The AutoHotkey will come out in the background, and it’s permitted to approve the hotkeys for walking or flying.

The texts below here are the commands for you to run the macro:

“F5 = AutoWalk

F6 = Stop

F11 = Close the script”


That’s it! That’s all you must fulfill to set up the cruise control in ARK. Now, let’s prepare yourself for a lot of interesting adventures and feel free to use the cruise control.

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