A Complete Guide on Weapons in ARK Survival Evolved

A Complete Guide on Weapons in ARK Survival Evolved

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A Complete Guide on Weapons in ARK Survival Evolved

To survive in such a brutal world like ARK Survival Evolved, all players are required to equip themselves with excellent and powerful weapons. Obviously, the ARK world is full of prehistoric creatures, including both carnivores and herbivores. It’s always a high chance for players to bump into those untamed creatures when they are on an expedition. So, they must bring b weapons that will help them deal with the possible dangers around. Let’s check them out!

Melee Weapons

The spear is perhaps viewed as the initial orthodox weapon that you will create in the game. This weapon is kind of flexible too; you can toss it by holding the right mouse and then launching. But it has a disadvantage, though! The weapon has no durability bar, but there is a 3,5 % possibility it will smash on usage. If you toss it, there will be a 5% possibility of smashing. When you toss it at a dinosaur, and the spear doesn’t smash, you can totally take it back right after you annihilate your target. You should bring a bunch of spears due to the smashing percentages.
The pike is an enhanced version of the spear that you have to craft at a forge. It offers up a throwing skill of throwing for destruction and rigidity. But this one also has a disadvantage. It’s kind of heavy when it weighs 10. When you are on a long expedition, you should bring the pike that has a nice condition, as these don’t include a smashing percentage and frequent durability.

PikeWooden club
the new players can get a wrong idea about the wooden club. They want to get a weapon that delivers more damage than the spear. The wooden club is a large stick that can deliver 5 damage but put on 20 torpor for every single hit. Hence, it’s very good to domesticate dinosaurs early, even though it’s not the best one. You can use the wooden club to collect organic polymer off of killed Kairukus. Also, this weapon doesn’t have high durability.

Metal SwordMetal Sword
Metal sword is considered as the most powerful melee weapon in the game. It can be very fast in attacking, and cause 90 damage, which mostly double the pike. It’s kind of costly for a forge-crafted melee weapon, but it’s still bly adaptable

Electric ProdElectric Prod
Electric Prod is not used in looking after cattle; it will be used in domesticating dinosaurs. This electric prod seizes the number one spot for becoming the weapon attaching the most torpor on hit. Electric arcs will release from the tip, when striking a dinosaur or the player puts on a whopping 266 torpor, defeating most dinosaurs immediately. This will also work on some of the early-to-mid players. Beyond that, the melee damage or stews don’t have an effect on torpor appliance of prod. If you want to develop the amount of torpor, you need to obtain an item that has a higher quality on the prod.

Ranged Weapons

Wooden BowWooden Bow
The is the initial projectile that most of the players will craft. It kind of works very well when being used to attack the tiny dinosaurs. You will draw back the bow if you hold left the mouse and if you click right mouse, you will have to aim down the visions. But, the screen will get shaken if you draw the bow in such a long time, and you won’t be able to shoot it underwater.

The crossbow can be the initial ranged weapon that the player will craft at a forge. This is an enhanced version of the bow. It consists of a reasonable ADA view and delivers b damage more than the wooden longbow, or the torpor even if you utilize tranq arrows. You can fire it underwater as well. But, its disadvantage is that it will take a longer time for reloading, roughly 5 seconds.

Compound BowCompound Bow:
The compound bow is very costly for a bow, but it’s a good one. This is the bow that can shoot metal arrows, which are very dangerous to both players and dinosaurs. But it has a drawback. Although the tranq and stone arrows can be used with it, they don’t deliver more damage than the crossbow, which causes it to be inefficient for domesticating.

Slingshot is kind of the same as the club, and it can be more efficient at torpor developing that absolutely killing players and dinosaurs. It also works better than the club, delivering 24.5 torpor when comparing to the club, which is just only 20. It absorbs stones!


Simple PistolSimple Pistol:
This can be the initial weapon of this sort that you will create, but it will surely be the initial firearm you generate. This simple pistol doesn’t cost too much in the game, and it’s the least costly one, but it kind of works well when you’re at that level. By utilizing simple bullets, this adaptable revolver takes 6 shots prior to reloading. If it doesn’t have crosshairs enable, it will be extremely tough to aim. In addition, there is no slow reload either, and it just only takes around 2 seconds to do.
Longneck RifleLongneck Rifle:
Longneck Rifle delivers the most damage for every single shot. Although it has around 280 base damage, the players and dinosaurs only absorb 70% damage from the gun. Therefore, it delivers 196, which is extremely huge for a gun that is crafted at the forge and only launches one bullet. This weapon can only shoot one bullet prior to being reloaded. You can use ammo for rifle, but also, you can try adding tranquilizer darts that will cause a big amount of torpor. But, you can’t utilize those attachments when tranquilizer darts are being used as ammo.
This is considered as the most perilous crafted weapon at a forge. Although it launches 10 bullets for every single shot, if the player or any dinosaur hit all of those bullets, they will receive up to 630 damage. When shot gun can hold 2 rounds before being reloaded, it can deliver a big total of 1260 damage of anything can luckily prolong the life for the initial shell. Although it only holds 2 rounds, it still takes roughly 3 to 4 seconds for reloading the gun. Its drawback is that it has the most costly ammo.
Fabricated PistolFabricated Pistol:
Fabricated Pistol is the modern weapon which is similar to a simple pistol. It will absolutely be the initial weapon that you will generate, and you will have to craft it at the so-called fabricator. The drawback of this creature is that it only delivers a small amount of damage, which is just only 28 for every single shot. The big advantage is that this one doesn’t have expensive ammunition in the game. Some other outstanding notices indicate that it has 13 bullets in an ammunition magazine, and it can be reloaded very fast.
Pump-Action ShotgunPump-Action Shotgun:
Pump-Action Shotgun is a forged version of the shotgun which is arguable on if it’s nicer and better than the first sawn-off alternative. While it can launch 10 bullets per shot, if a player or dinosaur hits all of them, they will take up to 494 damage compared to 630 damage of the sawn-off. The advantages of the pump shotgun is it contains 6 rounds compared to the sawn-off one that has just only 2. Another advantage can be mentioned is that it utilizes the similar ammo to the sawn-off. However, it still has a lower shooting rate than the sawn-off because of the period that it has to take for pumping it. It reloads 2 shells for roughly per second and it takes around 0.5 seconds for the reloading pump to happen.
Assault RifleAssault Rifle:
Assault Rifle can be more costly than the pump shotgun a bit; it’s very harmful to the player when holding the assault rifle in their hands. Possessing a wonderful magazine size that can consist of up to 40 bullets, this weapon absorbs developed rifle bullets as ammo. Performing 24,4 damage for every single shot, the assault rifle can totally tackle with a large 1176 damage in nearly 5 seconds. Its drawback is that if you don’t possess sufficient supplies, the preparation of big amounts of ammunition for this weapon can become extremely intense, especially the resources, also, the sustained fire can bring the vibration to the screen. The mid-level players and the dinosaurs that have middle length will not bear if you use the assault rifle. It’s highly considered!
Fabricated Sniper RifleFabricated Sniper Rifle:
The fabricated sniper rifle will help you in shooting at a target from a distance. This weapon usually has a scope, which is basically known as two attachments that are put on the gun. Although it only can execute 11 damage in the comparison to the longneck that delivers 196, it still has an amazing magazine size of 8 and absorbs the developed sniper bullets, which means that it can totally carry out 920 damage at a nice range if you can hold the constant accuracy. Its drawback is the costs for repair are extremely expensive.


Grenade is the least expensive explosive that you can simply get in the game. The grenade will commence a five-second fuse when you hit the left click. Holding the left mouse will make the player tug the pin but will not launch the grenade. It should be utilized with perfect timing to reduce the grenade fuse successfully. Be sure that you launch it prior the fuse finishes or anything around you will get damaged. You can use them in annihilating the swarming foes, like Titanomyrmas. It will carry out 150 damage for every single grenade, and it possesses a 6-meter radius.
Improved Explosive DeviceImproved Explosive Device:
This weapon is shortly called IED, which is known as an explosive that has tripwire demanding two in order to run accurately If you put two IEDs next to each other, it will generate a tripwire between two. If any player or any dinosaur that moves through the wire, they surely get trapped for sure! You can establish your IEDs very effortlessly, but you must stay watchful to the place that you place them. Establishing a couple of IEDs delivers 250 damage to any object that is in 4-meter radius.
C4 Charge and C4 Remote Detonator

C4 Charge and C4 Remote DetonatorC4 Charge and C4 Remote Detonator:
There are other weapons which are just similar to IED requiring two for working called C4 charge and C4 remote detonator. If you want to utilize C4, you must get both charges and a detonator. If you attach the detonator to charges in your inventory, you will be able to utilize these perilous items. You can take out down a charge by clicking left mouse and explode them by clicking the right mouse. The charges won’t be tossed, but they will be thrown at a foot or two from the player that is utilizing it. The player can put the maximum of 50 charges at any time they want, and then, the oldest ones will vanish. The charges can attach to anything, such as dinosaurs, players, buildings and so forth. The fastest way to deliver damage using C4 is to put and explode one charge a certain time. Make sure that you are at a reasonable distance when thrusting the button, or else you will get troubles. Although it’s not fast, it’s still safe. Once charge will deliver 650 damage in a 2-meter radius.
Rocket LauncherRocket Launcher:
Rocker Launcher is one of the most costly weapons that can be crafted in the game, well it can be considered as the most costly one in the whole game by far. With this weapon, you can blast stone, wood, thatch bases into pieces in minutes. Possessing a tiny drop which is just like the bows and utilizing rocket-powered grenades as ammunition, you are supposed to rush toward the opposite direction if you catch sight of someone that has this. Its drawback is its durability, and this one needs a moderate time for a reload. It also delivers 100 damage.
Underwater Homing MineUnderwater Homing Mine:
This weapon is the only one that can be put under water. If there is any opposite tribe member or any dinosaur that walks near to this, they will surely get blasted to pieces immediately. They will be tracked until they are touched, and then it will make them explode, and it causes a whooping 2000 damage. Thanks to that, this weapon has become the most destructive one of any sort in the game, and it’s kind of costly, which has some of the resources that cost one hundred or even more than that.


Auto TurretAuto Turret:
This is an excellent weapon for you to utilize if you are far away on an excursion. The auto turret is known as a weapon that is able to construct, and it needs electricity to function. It utilizes developed rifle bullets to shoot and possesses different settings to target and time prior to opening fire. For those who are curious about resource expending, the auto turret fulfills 70 damage for each round.
Ballista TurretBallista Turret:
This is the initial weapon directed by the player. Ballista turret is really kind of destructive crafted constructible at a forge when it executes up to 700 damage. If you utilize ballista bolts, you can totally destroy stone structures, which makes it a favorite weapon on earliest servers.

Catapult TurretCatapult Turret:
Well, it will be extremely perfect if you equip these on a Mosasaurus in the earliest server. Nevertheless, this creature doesn’t give out more damage than the ballista bolt, but it still can damage some of the stone structures. Integrating that with a whooping falloff means it should be utilized very infrequently.

Minigun TurretMinigun Turret:
If you think the auto turret was just insane, you may think about the minigun turret. This is the initial constructible that is forged and directed by the player in the game. It doesn’t need a reload and it can shoot until you don’t have any ammunition left, which it functions on developed rifle bullets that are similar to the auto turret. It can execute 150 damage for each round, and you are supposed to rush toward the opposite direction if you catch sight of someone aiming this at you.
Plant Species XPlant Species X:
Plant Species X can be somewhat different from what constructible commonly is. This is a plant that you have to increase. You can go hunt for the seeds in some of the rose buses throughout the swamplands. There are two sorts of seeds, the ordinary ones which will develop at a stable pace, and the order-cheated ones that will develop to complete size in just only 30 seconds. When they completely grow up, they will launch the shining spores at the intruders that have the similar properties to dilo venom. The first shots only execute 25 damage.
Rocket TurretRocket Turret:
This weapon is viewed as the large mama turret that you have to stay away whenever you catch sight of someone using it. Rocket turret is the most costly constructible in the game at the moment, if you can make one, it will pay off. Equipping one of these on a Mosasaurs that has a saddle on is virtually offer it torpedoes which possibly makes it a submarine, excluding that it can’t be used and launched underwater. It performs 1000 damage and utilizes the same ammo that is just like the rocket launcher. This weapon can be luck to you, but it will become an obscenity to the one who just began playing the game.

Traps/Strategic Weapons

Smoke GrenadeSmoke Grenade:
The functioning of smoke grenade can be the same as the explosive grenade when it can blast 5 seconds once the pin is tugged. In this situation, it won’t deliver any damage, but it will make a cloud of smoke surrounding it. If you want to evoke a fog, you need to toss a bunch of times and the cloud will possibly become complete murky.

Poison GrenadePoison Grenade:
The poison grenade can go off in 2.5 seconds instead of 5, and will generate a cloud of green gas. If any object that moves through this could of green gas, they will instantly increase their torpor and riot armor will nearly have no influence on it. Unfortunately, this only runs on human beings, but you can also utilize it to tackle with a bunch of players crowded in one zone throughout an attack.

Tripwire Alarm TrapTripwire Alarm Trap:
The tripwire alarm trap has the similar placing system to an IED. When stumbled, it will release a big noise. And this will be very helpful only one PVP servers, you can established your own trap if you are so careless.

Tripwire Narcotic TrapTripwire Narcotic Trap:
The tripwire narcotic trap has the similar placing system to an IED. When stumbled, it will give a large 240 torpor to the player or any dinosaur that moves through it, causing most players not to stay awake any time soon right after the dose. Its drawback is that if the dinosaur moves through it, it won’t be domesticated, then you have to knock out the dinosaur for the tripwire narcotic trap to work. If you want to domesticate a Giganotosaurus by using this, you need to be ensure that the last blow is a tranquilizer arrow. If you don’t stay watchful, you can get trapped yourself!
Bear TrapBear Trap:
Although the dire bear didn’t come out yet, you still can utilize the bear trap on some of creatures. With this trap, it will get other tiny creatures trapped on it and the durability will tick down at a slow speed when they are being trapped, or until they are get destroyed by a player or another creature. Having 100 durability, it can hold some time to let go.

Large Bear TrapLarge Bear Trap:
This is an enhanced version of the bear trap; it can totally get bigger dinosaurs trapped. It has the similar durability, but it can be very helpful to domesticate Giganotosaurus.

Other Records/Links

All weapons have ADS sway when utilizing scope equipment. It can be decreased by crouching a bit and greatly by laying down, but it is never completely deleted.

Any firearms in the ranged or weapon section (including the rocket launcher too) can thrust left control while being kept in your hand to perform a melee assault. Although it doesn’t execute a bunch of damage, it still fulfills a reasonable amount of torpor.

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