ARK: Useful Guide to Swamp Sickness and its Cure

ARK: Useful Guide to Swamp Sickness and its Cure

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Swamp Sickness can be a big problem to most of the players in ARK Survival Evolved. There are so many people who have been struggling for a bunch of hours to find out what they should do and how to do to heal their Swamp Sickness. This disease is very contagious. There was a guy who got this disease and then started to pick another tribe-mate getting stranded in the north, and in just a few minutes, he got ruined as well. If you don’t know how dangerous this disease is, maybe all your tribe would be infected in just one hour, even including your rex, giga, or any dinosaurs. Let’s take a look at this tutorial below to find out this Swamp Sickness and how to cure it!



Leeches – they are annoying aquatic turds squirming in the water for many days just to wait for a good opportunity to get a poor survivor to destroy the water surface and start their assault. They are the carrier of this catastrophe and dodging them is kind of reasonable but very hard.

The normal leeches, while they are an annoyance, are not completely the carriers of this burden. While being provoked, they will start going through a third clan and try to deplete your stamina and health over time.

The infected leeches will become the worst opponent in this situation, in fact, they carry this brutal disease. Leeches actually become such an annoyance. However, they only seize on provided that you or any tribe-mate, or even an acquaintance allows them to stay on. The infected leeches take on the same mission as the normal leeches, but their effect will remain on you later one until you get a cure and know how to heal it.

Leeches indeed seize onto and spread the disease to dinosaurs, but if a dinosaur absorbs infected leeches, it won’t get that bad disease on it.

Actually, you can totally dodge leeches. With just an easy application of bug resistant, it will force the leeches to stay away from you and your dinosaurs, bringing you a good time to explore your trip and swamp and making you safe. After applying this bug repellant, you should be aware of other creatures, such as snakes, meganeuras, Titanomyra soldiers, sarcos, frogs, paracers, megapirahnas, sabertooth salmons, and dilos.


If you get Swamp Sickness, your stamina and health will be decreased, but your movement speed will be strongly developed, and you will get more fortitude, helping you swallow less water and food, making your actions that need stamina more and more stressful, then it will make an unpleasant haze in your POV that causes you to vomit if you undergo it. See the picture below:


No need to notice the dead dodos in the pic, their unlucky endings will be hidden in a subsequent part.

As if the brand new sound fx were not annoying enough right after the new patch, causing a dehydrated male or a female to sound like they are giving birth to a baby giga by themselves. Unceasing and tough coughing is a small part of this disease.

When time passes, dinosaurs will get destroyed! Eating will not able to cure them. Hence, your first goal should focus on your dinosaurs. Provided that you are a human trying to stay healthy, you shouldn’t have received the similar destiny to your dinosaurs. You must keep your food well, and don’t try to get involved in these problems during the stay of your cancer.

Dinosaurs experience the same episodes when their stats reduce strongly and their stamina consuming is being influenced too. They take in the aforementioned unholy aura on their heads as well, which only helps the sick effect that the initial person POV makes.

This sickness will turn you into a superhuman and your health and stamina will be lowered a lot. But your movement speed will dramatically increase. Hence, you probably get its advantage, but the brutal haze and unceasing coughing are still inside of you.



This disease is very terrible when it comes to contagion effect; it will happen to you very fast and last very long even you go through ups and downs or experience the death. It can only be vanished until you can craft the antidote.

If you are a big fan of the dodo, you must learn that dodos can get the disease very easily. Just only one person gets infected, the whole tribes, other tribe-mates and dodoes will catch it too. You should start crafting antidote for your dodo if you have no idea that it catches the disease easily. Go to your dodo pen in order to harvest their young, then instantly grab it again.

The disease opens out just like wildfire. You must do whatever it takes to keep yourself away from the infected people. In the patch 242.3, spreading the disease requires distance, and now it’s kind of unfeasible to go through walls.

It takes 2.5 minutes to get past the disease from the rider of an argent to the person that is on the bird. It was nearly instantly shrunken when staying nearby or over a sick person. Hence, the disease spreads from this person to another one very fast. But, you should remember that it won’t be able to go through walls. The quarantine rooms can be also very useful if you have no materials for an antidote. Make sure you learn that the only way that your dinosaur can get infected is from the infected leeches

There is a rumor, and it’s probably not true, after patch 242.3, it said that dinos weren’t able to get swamp sickness, only excluding for dodos.  Let’s see if this information is right or wrong!

Dinos to Humans – Can it happen?

As mentioned above, the human beings won’t be able to spread the disease to any dinosaurs, except only Dodo. But, your dinosaurs can pass the disease to you via no contact. It’s kind of similar to the way the diseased passes from this human to another one.


It’s not very easy to gather antidote by your hand in a short time. This is known as a full collection of some of the stuff that you gathered by using your dinosaur, but it’s impossible for you to collect it by bare hands.

Check out some of the information below to find out the perfect way to collect every single crucial element for you to craft your antidote to cure this sickness.



“Lesser Antidote” is known as an engram that you should learn right after level 20. You are required to have 16 engram points for your learning. It demands 10 mushrooms and 10 flowers, 1 narcotic, 5 leech blood to generate 1 vial of antidote in a mortar and pestle. It will require 40 flowers, 40 mushrooms, 4 narcotics and 20 leech blood in a chemistry table, but you will obtain 6 vials of antidote, counting on the number of times that you pay a visit to the swamp.

When absorbing the antidote, the cured victim of this disease experiences an immunity phase of 30 minutes, which permits that one to have enough time for collecting more leeches to heal other victims.

You must know that the antidote will spoil after 30 minutes. You can’t put it in fridges, and you can only put in in preserving bins. Probably, the stone dry stores won’t keep the antidotes. The preserving bin hasn’t examined yet, but surely you think that it’s long enough to last you for a while.

What, Where, and How?


The rhino horn was placed for narcotics. Hence, the antidote will require one narcotic in a mortar and pestle, and it will require 4 in a chemistry table. To create narcotics, you will have to get a mortar and pestle with 5 narcoberries and one spoiled meat.

Rare Mushrooms and Rare Flowers

You can hunt for mushrooms and flowers by collecting bushes and trees in the swamp. You can use your Mammoths because they are very good at collecting. Take mushrooms from trees, and take flowers from bushes

Leech Blood

Leech blood was the most dangerous part, but now, you can obtain it very easily if you use a carnivore.

Make sure that it will run out after 242.0 after 30 minutes without any shape of refrigeration.

You shouldn’t collect it by hand! Leeches hardly provide leech blood if it is collected by hand. You just use a dinosaur instead, you can use one of these, Carno, Rexes, Spinos, and Gigas, then stroll through the swamp.

Leeches can provide up to 30 blood if it is collected on a carnivore, and even more sometimes. There is only 3% of leeches you got will be viewed as infected. However, it doesn’t mean that the infamous leeches won’t wander around the swamp to get a chance to assault. Now, they seldom release pearls, oil, raw meat, chitin – raw meat and chitin.

Infected leeches will provide around 40-60 blood per kill, but they are not usually much, and they seem to be very infrequent. They have a red outside look and probably bigger than the usual black leech

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