ARK Survival Evolved: How to Summon Broodmother Lysrix

ARK Survival Evolved: How to Summon Broodmother Lysrix

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Welcome to ARK: Survival Evolved! If you are the newcomers, you are highly advised to have a look at “How to Summon Broodmother Lysrix” section to fully comprehend the way to vanquish this monster. This is going to be your big tutorial!

Initially, if you want to take on Lysrix which is known as Broodmother, you will be supposed to hold 8 Megalodon teeth, 4 T-Rex arms, 4 Argentavis talons, and two sauropod vertebrae. This is a total amount for your killing, 2 Megalodons, T-Rexes, Argentavis, and Brontosauruses. Ensure that you can steal the bodies before killing them or letting them be eaten by your dinosaurs.

Moving on, it’s time for you to hunt down some artifacts. There are 6 pieces of stuff that you are supposed to search for, including the Hunter, the Massive, the Pack, the Clever, the Skylord and the Devourer. You need to enter six caves across the map to obtain these artifacts.

You need to start the adventure from the South because that is where the spawns and bases are resided. Then, you will enter the first cave that is at latitude 80.3 and longitude 53.5. Be careful, gamers, the cave is filled with spiders, Titanoboas, and Scorpions. A fight needs to be prepared, after battling against those creatures; you will get the Artifact of the Hunter.

Next, you will come to the second cave that is at 70.6 latitudes and 86.1 longitudes. The entry to the cave is full of the mountain, however, you can make an effort walk through it, and then you will get the Massive.

The third one can be attractive to all the gamers. It is located at 68.2 latitude and 56.2 longitude. This cave is filled with wildlife creatures such as Crocodiles, Piranhas, Bats, and other ones. Well, probably you need to prepare yourself a fight. The Artifact of the Pack is hidden deep inside the cave. Watch over the pink or purple crystals that can lead you to the right path. You can upgrade the oxygen levels if you want to discover the whole cave.

The gamers can find the Artifact of the Clever in a cave that is close to the center of the map. The fourth cave is at latitude 41.5 and longitude 46.9 which consists of various perilous species such as scorpions, spiders, crocodiles, and bats.

Then, you will enter the fifth cave which is at latitude 19.3 and 19.0 longitudes. This cave is very dangerous. You need to crouch down since the ceiling is very low, go throne and watch out your footstep. If you feel stuffy, you need to get a friend to get that artifact for you.
The last cave was found at the 14.7 latitude, and 85.4 longitude. This is the most arduous cave to discover. Make sure you bring the parachute when exploring it since the cave is narrow and winding. Besides, you may need some supplies and the assistance from your friends to vanquish this cave and get the last artifact.

After collecting all of the artifacts and other stuff needed. It’s time for you to move to an Obelisk. Pay attention to the small podium in the middle of the crater beneath, you will see there is a container including a “Summon Broodmother” item. Now, you can choose the button “Summon with Tribute”. Then, the light will crop up, and the Broodmother will be hailed down. She is very fearful, and a group of experienced players are required to fight.

After destroying her, you will see that her body might get vanished promptly. But this is insignificant. Your reward will be transmitted into your inventory: a Spider Flag.

Hopefully, with this tutorial “How to Summon Broodmother Lysrix” will help you vanquish that monster and touch the glory. If you are interested in the guides of the ARK game, please continue to follow us, we will deliver you further guides as well as hints, tips to beat off the game. Thank you!

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