Ark Survival Evolved: Dino Dossiers

Ark Survival Evolved: Dino Dossiers

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Dino Dossiers

Hey, survivors!

Be ready to step into the world filled with dinosaurs! That world is called ARK Survival Evolved with a bunch of Dino Dossiers! We are so pleased to make a collection of Dinosaurs displaying various discrepant creatures that you might slay or tame the local wildlife in ARK world. You can tame every creature! However, each creature will have some different ways as well as the amount of food that they need to be tamed!

Gallery of Released Dinosaur Dossiers

Let’s check out the list of the Dinosaurs as shown below here:


Dossier Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurus is a species of Dinosaur cropping up in the ARK Survival Evolved world. This genus tends to live in a diminutive family units, and it is considered as one of the most creatures to take down… Read more


Dossier Argentavis Argentavis is another species of Dinosaur appearing in the ARK world! It is a flying creature that might assault any human in a sight and have important stamina allowing it to travel or haul the goods for long distances! Read more


Dossier Ony Bat (also known as Onychonycteris) mainly live off the mushroom and assault the non-insect. They can be a good guard animal even though they are not large or strong enough. It can become rampage if gamers get too close… Read more


Dossier Brontosaurus Brontosaurus is one of the biggest creatures that can be used to carry incredible quantities of resources. This species is extremely defensive of its eggs, but it is willing to assault if being provoked… Read more


Dossier Coel Coelacanth is another creature appearing in the ARK world. It lives in the water around the island, the rivers as well as the lakes. This creature provides a source of meat for the coastal tribes even though it can’t be tamed in a common way… Read more


Dossier Turtle Carbonemys is one of the least rampage creatures on the island. With its swim rate, high strength and lack of threat, it is an ideal aquatic mount that is suitable for many coastal survivors… Read more


Dossier Carnotaurus Carnotaurus is an exciting creature living on the flat clear ground. They have big legs, small arms. Their horns can be used for battling rival Carnotauri, they can assault anything on sight…


Dossier Sarcosaurus Sarcosuchus (meaning flesh crocodile) is a giant crocodile that can be considered as the patient slaying machine. They are good at hunting because of their power, and they are a rampage genus be willing to assault with its jaw…


Dossier Dilophosaurus Frill
Dilophosaur is a weird creature appearing in the ARK world. It has a shrill call and a decorative ridge of skin on its neck. This creature doesn’t assault other dinosaurs except for Parasaurs, Pteranodons and Dodo’s… Read more


Dossier Dodo Raphus replicare (known as Dodo bird) is probably the most stupid creature wandering around the beaches and eating the berries off the bushes. The food chain of the island would break apart without the existence of Dodo… Read more


Dossier Megalodon
Megalodon is a prehistoric shank appearing in the ARK world. This could be considered as the powerful and dangerous creature on the island. They can assault any creature on sight because they need big quantities of food for sustaining themselves…


Dossier Mammoth Mammoth is an arduous beast for taming, this creature is heard animal, it can uproot trees without shattering them. They thrive in the colder location and spend much of their time for traveling… Read more


Dossier Parasaur Parasaurolophus amphibio is one of the creatures cropping up in ARK world. It has a signature head ridge and be considered as a simple creature to tame. This is a passive dinosaur, it will not attack back unless you take on of their legs…


Dossier Phiomia Phiomia ignavus is another heard animal on the island; they are kind of diminutive but big enough to supply plenty of meat. Some communities keep a heard of these animals surrounding as a livestock…


Dossier Piranha Megapiranha magnadmorsus is carnivorous fish which can be found in the rivers and ponds of the islands. They have strongest powerful bites, and they are extremely aggressive…


Dossier Pterosaur Pteranodon wyvernus is an enormous pterosaur being able to fly for long periods. This creature could be considered as the least abnormal reptile on the island feeding itself by eating small fish…


Dossier Raptor Utahraptor Prime is an incredibly rampage species of Utahraptor on the island. It travels to the small hunting pack. They are hard to tame, usually using hits-and-runs tactics against bigger rivals…


Dossier Sabertooth Smilodon brutalis is a solitary predator which can be seen in the cold lightly wooded location. This creature advances the resilience power even though it not as fast as Raptors.


Dossier Scorpion Scorpion is one of the creatures living in the ARK universe. It uses a tranquilizing poison to inject the victims. This creature has a big pair of pincers and be willing to assault anything on sight…


Dossier SpiderMinion The Araneomorphus (also known as Spider) firing webbing like a bola spider and spitting venom like a lynx spider. Its poisonous bite is like a myriad of spiders. Because of their rampage temperament, it can assault on sight…


Dossier Spino The Spinosaurus is a well-rounded apex carnivore which is faster than Tyrannosaurus in water. It has four legs and big sail which make it swift on land. This is the deadly creature hunting fish and other creatures in the water…


Dossier Stegosaurus Stegosaurus is another creature of the ARK world which is used as a secured way to transfer big quantities of goods. When being provoked, they will assault by swinging their spiked tails…


Dossier TitanBoa Titanoboa is a creature found in the dark caves of the island. This is a big snake which is immune to knockout poisons. It can’t pierce the thick chitin of the insects. Titanoboa has increased a weird coexistence with the other creatures of the island’s caves…


Dossier Triceratops
Triceratops is the common mount for the one riding dinosaurs, it is a docile grazing animal and become very rampage once getting angry. It can take 1-2 hours to tame this creature…


Dossier Trex Tyrannosaurus (also known as T-Rex or Rex) is a slaying machine and a king of dinosaurs. It is active mostly when hunting for food or protecting its nest. It can take you approximately 20-40 tranquilizer arrows to render a T. Rex unconscious…


Dossier Plesiosaur Plesiosaur is one of the marine reptiles having a weird role in the oceanic food chain and a natural predator. This creature is a great way to transfer the big quantities of goods over water… Read more


Dossier Ichthy Ichthyosaurus curiosa is a diminutive carnivore found in the waters around the island. This is neither a fish nor an ocean mammal, and it is kind of friendly, it can be your friend and help you if your stamina is used up…

Gallery Of Boss Dossiers

Broodmother Lysrix

Dossier BroodmotherBroodmother Lysrix is one of the creatures in the ARK world that all the survivors need to conquer. Try to gather all the needful artifacts, and then head out for the Obelisk to summon this creature…

Gallery Of Unreleased Dinosaur Dossiers

Since these creatures haven’t been released to all the gamers yet, so we will summarize short basic information about them!


ARK Survival Evolved: Jurassic ARK Day Five Compsognathus (meaning pretty jaw) is a small, meat-eating dinosaur living during the late of Jurassic period. It caught, ate small animals and walked with long thin legs, three-toed feet, and sharp teeth…


Dimorphodon Dimorphodon is a pterosaur, a flying reptile that hunts fish. It lived in Mid-Jurassic period. This creature has large eyes, so it is able to spot the preys from a long distance… Read more


Gallimimus Gallimimus (meaning rooster mimic) is a fast-moving bird-like dinosaur with a toothless break, long legs, long neck, long tail and living in the late Cretaceous period around 75-70 million years ago… Read more


Dossier GiantBeaver The Castoroides (also known as Giant Beaver) is a big mammalian herbivore living near water. This creature naturally gathers wood extremely efficiently and doesn’t know how perilous the island is.


Gigantopithecus Gigantopithecus is a weird and passive creature with a very short temper when coming to the private space. These creatures seem to be blissful to lay lazily about or pick the berries from plants…


Dossier Meganeura The Meganeura (also known as Dragonfly) is a large carnivorous species living in the wetter, wooded areas like jungles. This creature won’t turn down a free meal even though it is not a rampage, especially when hunting for the victims of Pulmonoscorpius. Read more

Monkey – Mesopithecus

ARK Survival Evolved: State of the Game Mesopithecus amicufur is an omnivorous monkey species living in the jungles of the islands mostly. It is not aggressive but can be troublesome. They will loot anything falling to the ground… Read more


Mosasaurus Mosasaurus is the ARK’s creature ruling the deep water off the island. It is not ideal for the water activities even though it has power. It can’t breathe underwater and can’t hold the breath for such a long period…

Pachy – Pachycephalosaurus

Dossier PachyPachy is one of the most perilous herbivores that can kill more quickly than you think. This creature is a great battle-mount for survivors riding a smaller. It’s really hard for you to flee from it unless you have a raptor with you… Read more

Paracer – Paraceratherium

ARK: Survival Evolved - Introducing the Paraceratherium Paraceratherium Gigamicus is a massive and long-necked mammal living in the grasslands of the jungle. It’s a friendly animal, not scared of human beings and an awesome worker… Read more


Quetzal Quetzalcoatlus is one of the biggest Avians on the island. Once you tame this creature, it will play a very important role on the island. Different from other creatures, it is more likely to escape than fight… Read more


Titanomyrma Titanomyrma is a diminutive hive-minded herbivore living on the island. When being attacked, it will fire a chemical alerting all its allies in a large range for helping to fight against the attackers…


Dossier Trilobite Trilobite Conchadurus is a carnivore feeding on anything that is more diminutive than itself. This creature doesn’t have enough prudence to be domesticated, and also it is not a very good source of food…

Beginner’s Guide Appendix

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