A Basic Guide For New Players To Survive In Hardcore Mode

A Basic Guide For New Players To Survive In Hardcore Mode

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Hardcore mode in ARK Survival Evolved is one of the biggest challenges that the players will face. It’s considered as a difficult mode that can’t be easily conquered. If you are a newbie to the game, you are highly recommended to take a look at a guide on this mode so you can learn what to do.

Hardcore mode in ARK

First of all, you need to understand the definition of the hardcore mode. A hardcore mode is known as the main set of rules which don’t allow the players to respawn with the similar character after their death. In action, all of the experiences you have gained from implementing the actions as well as surviving dangers before will also be changed or partially affected by this hardcore mode. Even the way you deal damage to the creatures, or they deal damage to you, the rate of getting hungry, decreasing thirst, losing health when getting starved, being dehydrated or even hypothermic will be influenced too.

Steps to survive in hardcore mode

Needless to say, hardcore mode is such a big challenge to all players, especially the new ones. Below here are principal and first steps you have to do to survive in this mode.

Step 1

Press key E on a rock to collect it, then, you will start punching a tree by using your bare fists. Keep doing so until you get 10 thatch and 1 wood.

Step 2

In this step, you have to create a pickaxe.

Step 3

Maybe your experience is still sufficient a bit to increase a level after a short process. You are recommended to go get some resources by smashing a tree using your crafted pickaxe. Keep smashing it until it collapses, then you will earn a large amount of wood, thatch to start with. After that, you need to hit a rock around with it to cause a little bit flint. Now, start to pick up berries to eat, as well as fiber for outfits by pressing key E on bushes.

Step 4

Let’s make an assumption that you have died in Step 3. If so, some green text will turn up on the screen saying that you have earned sufficient experience points for the level up. Now, you must keep in mind things that you must increase the level, such as melee damage, movement speed, and weight.

Step 5

It’s not difficult to move through your engrams. You shouldn’t mind creating any structures, instead, you need to stay focused on crafting tools, armor, melee weapons and so on. Make sure your level is high enough when doing those things, and you can run around with the stuff like a bow, arrows, leather armors, etc. Building structures is the final thing you should concern about.

Step 6

You shouldn’t begin to settle fast. Just wait and try to find a location, then start to settle down when you’re completely ready. You can move around the suburbs of the island for finding various explorer notes, or even dossiers. They will provide you with double experience bonus for all the things you have carried out in 5-10 minutes. Also, they can grant you more experience to start with. Be sure to collect them all, and don’t forget to destroy some Dodos or Dilophosaurs nearby. Make sure you obtain your engrams too.

The things that you are advised to do in step 6 will keep you more secured than quickly settling down a certain location. The reason for that is because the players in this mode are kind of hostile. Don’t start to construct your building in caves because that’s not a good way. If you do so, someone in this mode catches sight of that base, surely it will be gone. If a certain player sees a thatch hut, they will surely break down your walls and attempt to annihilate you so they can take your hide away.

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