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ARK Survival Evolved: Introducing the Direwolf
Dinosaurs Introduction

Introducing the Direwolf Direwolf is a brand new breed of dinosaur cropping up in the ARK Survival Evolved game! Be ready for this new Dino Dossier! Direwolf is a scary pack-hunter being able to defeat the prey of ...
The Ark Guide

Wandering around lonely in ARK Survival Evolved game, do you know which one you should tame and how to tame it? That can be the biggest question usually asked by the players, especially they are beginners. In this ...
ARK Survival Evolved: Carno Egg

Carno Egg Eat it to gain tremendous nourishment, or use it in recipes, or… Consumable Type Egg Food 55 Health 55 Stamina 55 Spoils in 8:00:00 Item Weight 12.0 Stack size 100 Decomposes in 30:00 Item ID 348 ...
Ark Creatures

Creatures Dinosaurs Carnivores Allosaurus • Baryonyx • Carnotaurus(Alpha) • Compy • Dilophosaur • Giganotosaurus • Microraptor • Oviraptor • Raptor(Alpha) • Rex(Alpha) • Spinosaur Herbivores ...
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ARK Survival Evolved: Allosaurus
Dino Dossiers

Allosaurus Statistics Common Name: Allosaurus Species: Allosaurus Therotribus Time: Late Jurassic Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressively Social Domestication Tameable: Yes Rideable: Yes Contents Basic Info Dossier Behavior (Updating…) Appearance (Updating…) Drops Base Stats and Growth Taming Time (Updating…) Resources (Updating…) Torpor (Updating…) Preferred Kibble (Updating…) ...