ARK Xbox One Update 773.14

ARK Xbox One Update 773.14

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Xbox 773.14

Xbox 773.14 is an Ark Xbox One update released on 15 June 2018.

Xbox 773.14

ARKaeology Event!

On mounds of each map, you are able to see fossils and collect them without difficulty. There are a lot of resources found in those places. They are very useful to craft unique skins such as:

  • Brachiosaurus (Brontosaurus Skin)
  • Stygimoloch (Pachycephalosaurus Skin)
  • Styracosaurus (Trike Skin)
  • Dilophosaurus Mask (Hat Skin)
  • Returning Bone Skins:
    • Rex
    • Carno
    • Raptor
    • Bronto
    • Stego
    • Trike
    • Giganotosaurus
    • Quetzalcoatlus
    • Jerboa
    • Wyvern
  • Wild dinosaurs can spawn with new colors, for example, white, yellow, grey or black.

Currently, the ARKaeology event is not available in Primitive Plus.

Fortitude rework

  • The threshold for being knocked out rise up with fortitude increases
  • Upgraded the natural insulation from fortitude by 8%

Tek Rex

  • 5% of the wild Rex spawns are tex.
  • The wild level is 20% higher.
  • Another breeding line


  • PC Changes through 279.113
  • Prim+ Update
  • Tapejara Tek Saddle range is decreased by 75%
  • Fixed the bug that caused the server performance to work wrongly in some specific situations
  • There are plenty of hole fixes all maps.
  • Ragnarok optimizations
  • +1 player level (now 131)

Let’s start to seek hidden mysteries!

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