ARK Xbox One Update 772.11

ARK Xbox One Update 772.11

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Xbox 772.11

It is a necessary release for your favorite ARK: Survival Evolved. It was published on 26 April 2018.

Xbox 771.0

Dino TLC – Argentavis

Be given three updates of the model, animation, and texture. Besides, you can explore several new abilities such as:

  • It is possible to carry two creatures at a time.
    • The Right Stick to grab or drop them with the beak.
    • Meanwhile, the main grab will do that with claws.
  • The health regen buff from eating corpses
  • The saddle will work as a mobile crafting station.
  • Decreased the weight of many different resources by up to 50% (Obsidian, Metal, Metal Ingot, Polymer, and Stone)

Dino TLC – Parasaur

There are a sound tweak and some skills like:

  • Alarm mode
    • It is not difficult to place in the turret mode and test for threats nearby anymore!
    • Inform the player audibly and visually when dangers are existing
  • Scare small creatures
    • The right stick when ridden – frighten small of medium animals
    • Turn on or off the alarm mode in order to cause it to run automatically
  • Scan
    • Can activate a scan (the secondary attack) when controlled
    • Scans for near threats
    • Let the player know present enemies or dangerous traps

Dino TLC – Raptor

Three updates related to the model, texture, and animation along with plenty of other possibilities:

  • Pounce
    • Secondary assault to leap on a prey
    • Pins little targets to ground for a short time
    • Press the main attack to bite often
  • Pack Buff
    • Triggers with the right stick when 2 Raptors (with a max pack size of 6) are together
    • Rises up the damage resistance
    • Boosts the movement speed
    • Upgrades the attack speed, too
    • Lasts 15 seconds

Dino TLC – Sarco

Get three updates of the texture, model, and animation with a certain number of abilities:

  • Idles with the mouth open
  • Death roll
    • Takes its victim and rolls dealing damage and limiting them
  • Lunge
    • Can suddenly forward thrust something in front of it with the right stick
  • 180 attack
    • Rotate in place to inflict harm on foes behind it
  • Walkable
    • Friendly people can walk on and stand on its back
    • It is helpful in water. You can move them to surface and control as a raft.
  • Swimming depth
    • Keeps the current depth whilst swimming
    • Can hide just beneath the surface
  • Piranhas Flee
    • Piranhas will escape if they face a Sarcosuchus
    • Contains close ally Sarcos for participants

Dino TLC – Spino

Obtain a specific number of updates for the model, animation, texture and have some abilities:

  • Water buff
    • Received when in water
    • Bonus movement speed
    • Extra turning radius
    • More attack damage
    • Bonus healing
    • Prolong for a short period after leaving the watery environment
  • Added Biped/Quadruped switched on/off with the secondary attack
    • Biped
      • More powerful strikes
      • Can spin in place
    • Quadruped
      • Quicker movement speed
  • Prefers prime fish for taming

Dino TLC – Trike

Get a model update, two upgrades for the animation with the texture, and latest skills:

  • Ram
    • Charge for a while
    • Longer it is charged, the faster it will go
    • Disables the other when hitting them
    • Tosses small dinos away whilst charging
  • Rivalry buff
    • Given buff when approaching large carnivores
    • Expands the damage output slightly
    • Reduces the damage taken a little
    • The health is improved by 10%.


  • Made able item transfers and the vanilla version of deviant beasts to be delivered to Aberration servers, in other words, you can dominate your ordinary Spino to that server
  • Ragnarok update
    • Fixed streaming bounds to assist with memory
    • Fixed multiple holes, bugs of beacons and floating foliage.
    • Higher-standard lighting around the LL dungeon
    • Prevented putting up buildings in the Ragnarok Puzzle cave
  • Hole fixes:
    • Aberration
    • The Center
    • The Island
  • Fixed a trouble in which Griffin feather colors appeared to be default in single player.

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