ARK Xbox One Update 771.0

ARK Xbox One Update 771.0

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Xbox 771.0

Xbox 771.0 is a useful patch note for the performance of the ARK: Survival Evolved game and for those who are playing.

Xbox 771.0


Dino TLC – The Procoptodon

  • Have a model update along with the change of the animation, the sound pass, and other new abilities such as:
  • Take decreased fall damage
  • Increased the carrying weight significantly
  • Small creatures and baby dinos will be carried in the pouch.
  • A knockback kick can affect bigger dinosaurs.
  • Added an aimed jump that can be chosen by pressing down the Jump key
  • Carried characters in a pouch have decreased the consumption rate when moved by Mate-Boosted Female Procoptodons
  • Babies impressed whilst in a brought Procoptodon pouch get more love

Dino TLC – The Gigantopithecus

  • Have another model, animation, fur, sound pass and other capacities:
  • The Bigfoot will be given an armor-degrading attack. In other words, it will do more damage to the own armor’s durability if it battles. It is crucial to memorize that the armor-degrading assault will not influence the Yeti animals found in the adventure.
  • Added the ability to climb ziplines but not hop between them
  • Added a jump
  • Aside from carrying, it is possible to throw creatures which are not big.
  • Throwing is more accurate, in the same way to crabs with the aiming cursor.

Dino TLC – The Direbear

  • Most of the features look like which ones Dino TLC – The Gigantopithecus has.
  • If you are riding a Direbear, you can resist to aggressive bees. Obviously, they cannot knock you down because they will focus on attacking your pet.
  • The Direbear will gather nectar from beehives without attracting their owners or destroying the hive with the alternative attack. Together with the honey, it will get 3x the standard amount.
  • Risen up the swimming speed

Dino TLC – The Direwolf

  • There are updates for the model, animation, fur. Besides, grant some new possibilities:
  • Howling can trigger a pack buff for 90 seconds with a 1,5-minute cooldown. When the Alpha does that, the pack will also howl. The pack buff will make the Alpha and its pack grow stronger.
  • Hunter’s Instinct passive buff will smell out humans or animals with less than 50% health.
  • The sniff tertiary ability can show explorer notes nearby or spot buried or stealth beasts.

Dino TLC – The Rex

  • Have updates related to the design, state, and skills:
  • The roar should obtain a CD and create non-alliances (under a specific dragging weight) poop to work as a small stun or interrupt. There is a cooldown on the prey so they will not be pooplocked constantly.
  • Additionally, the roar cannot scare anything which has the higher level. It will cause the player to poop but not knock them.
  • Rex can climb over little rocks and more inclined slopes.

Creature Certain Bug Fixes and Balance (P.1)

  • The direct influent damage for Dragon’s Fire Breath will be decreased by 50%.
  • Fixed a bug that made eggs of Rock Drake and Wyvern gradually sink below nests
  • Added Rock Golem Saddles to the Scorched Earth Loot Table
  • Added Basilisk and Karkinos Saddles to the Aberration Loot Table
  • Uploaded the creature stats, they can display the Movement Speed and the Melee Damage
  • Fixed a situation in which definite creatures could be stuck under or inside the area when crashing into larger ones
  • Fixed a problem that would generate a desync with the Reaper’s collision
  • You do not need to have any pheromone so as to request Reaper Kings.
  • Moschops will not run away when they are asked to scavenge dino corpses.
  • Fixed an issue when some animals could not charge at low server FPS
  • The breeding time of Bronto and Paracer is increased by 50% (equal to Quetz).
  • Lessened the Bronto HP gain per level by 33% and the base HP by 10%
  • Lowered the Paracaratherium base HP by 10% and HP gain per level by 25%
  • Diminished the Tuso Base HP by 20% and the HP gain per level by 25%
  • Reduced the Dunky resistance to bullets to 40% and other resistances to 60%
  • Declined Stego Plate Resistant to 30%

Creature Certain Bug Fixes and Balance (P.2)

  • TEK saddles will not deal out to raid damage (how you inflict torpor on Titan, krab, and golem).
  • General AI Option for Dinos to only strike sensible victims
  • Added the Skittish Stance to tamed dinos
  • Fixed a bug where the Pela would select more gear
  • Fixed the trouble with the fishing rod, it will not work on the Pela
  • Tamed and wild Karkinos can get out of the floating state
  • by medium/big sized dinos
  • Gigantopithecus can teleport.
  • Karkinos cannot walk when they are hampered.
  • Fixed the bug that would help Rock Drakes glide forever
  • Pegomastax will not be able to rob artifacts.
  • Fortitude can offer a few resistance versus the effects of the Rex Roar. It is not difficult to bring onto dinos which are being ridden. Having enough courage can stop these from being poopstunned.
  • Expanded the amount of food that Achanita gets from the cake to 500
  • The Direbear and Gigantopithecus will appear in Aberration.
  • Cleared the capability to set down Plant Species Y and Bear Traps while controlling a dino
  • Made smaller Titanosaur walking speed by 5% and running speed by 20%
  • Put right bigfoot’s socket for Desert Goggle headgear
  • For creatures having targetted jumps, attempt to leap again in the mid-air to compel the tame to fall straight down (to block wrong matters where the dino can’t unintentionally bounce definitively)
  • Basilisks will damage foliage while moving to protect them from getting stuck in trees. The accuracy of their poison shot has been upgraded.
  • The Giga will not be raged by the fall damage.
  • The Giga’s rage mechanic depends on the injury taken before reduction from outer sources like saddles or yuty.
  • Minimized the respawn rate of Basilisk and the Nearby Player check
  • Fixed the bug where the Rock Drake could not uncloak precisely
  • Enhanced the Phoenix’s health, stamina, and weight
  • Changed The Center’s Gorilla boss so it can match the Island

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