ARK PS4 Patch Notes: 520.0

ARK PS4 Patch Notes: 520.0

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ARK PC Patch Notes: PS4 520.0

Essential notice of the turret change in ARK: Survival Evolved pc game: as of v520 turrets will be limited to 100. So, you cannot build over that number within a 10k unit radius. But, current setups with +100 turrets will work normally until another date in the future is announced when they will activate the hard limit, which will retroactively disable ones that are more than the 100 limit from functioning.

PS4 520.0


Dino TLC – The Procoptodon

Dino TLC – The Procoptodon in ARK: Survival Evolved game have the model with animation updates, sound pass, and some new abilities:

  • Decreased the fall damage
  • Increased the carry weight
  • Can bring small creatures and baby dinos in the pouch
  • The knockback kick will have an impact on larger dinosaurs
  • Added an aimed jump which is chosen by pressing the Jump key
  • Carried animals have reduced the consumption rating when moved by Mate-Boosted Female Procoptodons
  • Little ones which marked whilst in a Procoptodon pouch will get more affinity

Dino TLC – The Gigantopithecus

Own two updates of model and animation, the other fur, sound pass, skills that you can find in the ARK: Survival Evolved ps4 game:

  • The Bigfoot will receive an armor-degrading assault. Thus, it can cause more damage to your armor’s durability when he fights. That attack will not influence the Yeti characters.
  • It is possible to climb ziplines
  • Added a jump
  • It is simple to transfer or throw light creatures
  • Similar to crabs with the targeting cursor, throwing will be more accurate

Dino TLC – The Direbear

It has features like the previous section in ARK: Survival Evolved game:

  • If you are sitting on and controlling the movement of a Direbear, you can deal with bees. These will only focus on the bear and forget you.
  • He can collect honey. Furthermore, the amount of the nectar that he has will be 3x the standard one.
  • Enhanced the swimming speed

Dino TLC – The Direwolf

  • Howling will enable a pack buff for 90 seconds. If the Alpha does that, the pack will howl later. The pack buff will make the Alpha stronger.
  • Hunter’s Instinct passive buff helps nose out those having less than 50% health
  • Sniff tertiary ability will show close discoverer notes or find buried or stealth animals

Dino TLC – The Rex

  • When he roars, he can make non-allies poop to behave as a temporary stun or interrupt. There is a cooldown on that victim so they cannot be pooplocked for a long time.
  • The roar cannot scare creatures which have the higher level.
  • It will cause you to poop but not stun you.
  • Upgraded the skill that he can climb over small rocks or steeper slopes

Creature Specific Bug Fixes & Balance

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  • Reduced by 50% the direct impact damage of Dragon’s Fire Breath
  • Fixed Rock Drake and Wyvern eggs that could sink below nests
  • Added Rock Golem Saddles to Scorched Earth Loot Table
  • Added Basilisk and Karkinos Saddles to Aberration Loot Table
  • Uploaded stats showing Movement Speed and Melee Damage
  • Fixed some certain creatures that could be stuck under or inside the map when running into bigger ones
  • Fixed what caused a desync with the Reaper’s collision
  • Not necessary to claim Reaper Kings with pheromone
  • Moschops will no escape when being asked to gather corpses
  • Fixed where animals could not attack at low server FPS
  • Improved by 50% Bronto’s and Paracer’s breeding time
  • Decreased Bronto HP in each level by 33%, his base HP by 10%
  • Lowered Paracaratherium base HP by 10%, HP by 25%
  • Lessened Tuso Base HP by 20% and HP by 25%
  • Brought down Dunky resistance to bullets to 40% and others to 30%
  • Reduced Stego Plate Resistant to 30%
  • TEK saddles will not inflict raid damage
  • General AI option for Dinos to only attack conscious victims
  • Added Skittish Stance to tamed dinosaurs
  • Fixed the Pela that used more weapons
  • Fixed the fishing rod which would not work on the Pela
  • Domesticated and wild Karkinos can flee from the floating state
  • Gigantopithecus can control the teleport.
  • Karkinos will not walk when they are hindered.
  • Fixed the bug that let Rock Drakes glided endlessly
  • Pegomastax will not steal artifacts anymore.
  • Fortitude can offer some resistance against effects of the Rex roar.
  • Enhanced to 500 the food amount that Achatina in ARK: Survival Evolved game gets from the cake
  • Added Direbear and Gigantopithecus to Aberration
  • Deleted the capability to put down the Plant Species Y and Bear Traps whilst riding a dino
  • Decreased by 5% the walking speed of Titanosaur and running speed by 20%
  • Set right the Bigfoot’s socket for Desert Goggle headgear
  • For those which have targeted jumps, holding down the Jump key again in the mid-air to fall straight down and stop erroneous cases that can bounce awkwardly
  • Basilisks can damage foliage while moving to block them from being stuck in trees.
  • Updated their poison shot’s accuracy
  • Giga cannot be raged by the fall damage.
  • The Giga’s rage mechanic will depend on the damage taken before reduction from outside sources.
  • Lowered the Basilisk’s respawn rate and the nearby character check
  • Fixed the Rock Drake that could not uncloak in the proper way
  • Increase the health, stamina, and weight of Phoenix
  • Changed the center’s Gorilla boss, it can match The Island


Do not forget to dig deeper into ARK: Survival Evolved game through useful info below!

  • Creative Mode helps you craft items. It is active with commands: Cheat GCM to activate it on yourself, Cheat GiveCreativeModeToTarget to turn on or off for a guy on the center of your screen, and Cheat GCMP to toggle for a person by his ID.
  • Host option to disable the fog
  • Added messages to tribe logs with the detail to upload and download creatures
  • You cannot be aimed by Wild AIs.
  • You can hide learned engrams.
  • You can move from Proning to Crouching areas.
  • Ambient Sounds has the volume slider.
  • Generated a “Use Last PIN Code” to rapidly access protected buildings
  • Server option to make the Silencer Attachment not show the participant’s name that has eliminated you from the kill message and tribe log
  • Server option to set random supply crates
  • AxisMapping will be moved into the account when being under the water.
  • Added Cooldown to tribe’s changing their name
  • Added 5 Second character and base immunity to ORP servers at the first logging in
  • Fixed a collision bug influencing to a few dino gates that assisted unintended entry
  • Fixed many client-side and server-side crashes
  • Fixed exploits that players in ARK: Survival Evolved ps4 game could pass through the mesh or world barricades
  • Fixed structures that would power forever
  • Fixed the issue that you can obtain lots of height when choosing the zipline
  • Fixed the Grappling hook that could be reeled much faster
  • Fixed the TEK Sniper that would not lose the element when you zoomed in
  • TEK projectiles will not cause the splash damage to the construction after they move for 5000 units. Additionally, they will not explode when they are flying through the air.
  • Fixed a trouble where you could exceed the boss battlefield caps
  • Fixed boosting the baby raising the process for water animals
  • TEK structures will get an element cost.
  • Smoke & poison grenades can create different impact sounds. You can distinguish them.
  • Railings will not be built within the close distance of the opponent bases.
  • Demo Timers will not be shown in front of the Extended Info option (H).

General (Cont.)

  • Cannot prevent any turret in ARK: Survival Evolved game from targeting with cables
  • Cannot handcuff somebody to a TEK Bed
  • Fixed the TEK Teleporter set up on pillars or ceilings that could push you or other people and animals beneath it
  • Fixe a crash that caused by selecting ForceTame when riding
  • Upgraded the Red Crystal collision, they can be scavenged quickly by Anky
  • Put right the Aquatic Mushroom description
  • Got rid of collision from glowsticks that made you move clumsily with some pets
  • Fixed some zipline anchors that were out of the replication range, preventing them from being picked
  • Fixe a situation where you would be allowed to mount on creatures to throw or place C4 much further
  • Corrected a wrong icon with the Seeker Dossier
  • Fixed teleporting outside of a large base with the TEK Teleporter that showed foliage that was collected
  • Fixed map issues: holes and collision
  • Fixed some foliage that could not reproduce on Aberration properly
  • Turrets will follow the rival foundation placement rules. There will be a 30-second spin-up time if being triggered by a battery.
  • It’s easy to scroll the chat box with a game controller. Hold the BACK Action Wheel and opt for the Scroll Chat Box option later. To exit that mode, press the back button on your controller (B/Circle).
  • Tribe ownership in the hardcore mode will be shifted to the next person in line when the owner is assassinated.
  • Minimap overhaul:
    • Have a ‘Me’ marker to keep track over the rotation
    • Increased points of interest map markers to 30
    • Altered the font or markers to avoid overlays
    • ‘Me’ marker and ‘points of interest’ markers are capable of being colored.
  • Tribe Log can display the time you are kicked, promoted, demoted, claimed, unclaimed, uploaded, or downloaded an animal.
  • You will be thrown out of tribes if you die in the Hardcore of ARK: Survival Evolved pc.
  • Large underwater rock featuring on the isle will be put up.
  • Decreased cloning costs by 40% across the board
  • Gave the option to flip the tribe log and you can choose the newest messages
  • Torches can work like Flame Arrows versus Plant Y Traps
  • When smoke or poison grenades hit the ground, you can recognize their sounds.
  • Lessened TEK Tier vacuum crafting requests; advanced their damage resistance; metal hatch frames can be snapped to them
  • Spyglass can bustle correctly on Tamed Reapers
  • Clans can see the demo timers of buildings.
  • Added an option checkbox for ‘Toggle Extended Hud Info’ so as to toggle by pressing the Map button
  • Updated Ragnarok with fixes and tweaks

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