ARK Primitive Plus Update 1.2

ARK Primitive Plus Update 1.2

- in ARK Primitive Plus, Patch Notes

ARK PC Patch Notes: Primitive Plus 1.2

1.2 (Primitive Plus)

There are plenty of important problems which are resolved in the new ARK Patch Note, 1.2 (Primitive Plus).

  • Fixed crafting reqs which happened on the glass roof
  • Enhanced the Obsidian pickaxe damage
  • Now, it is not necessary to get a hypothetical permanent change for the cashew milk. Place on the ground and the cashew is processed in a large metal pot for 120 seconds.
  • Cooked poultry works
  • Lumber gate doors functional
  • Replaced the old name of the Behemoth brick in order to review its actual size, you will need to own it in
  • Put right the Bonemeal engram requirements
  • Increased the consumption of the fermenting barrel malt, will ingest every 120 seconds
  • Every variation of “chicken” will be turned into “poultry”
  • Added the Tudor bar engrams to the engram list
  • Regained the brick gate and the gate frame changes
  • Grew the metal hammer torpor
  • Added the Allo saddle engram to the smithy
  • Expanded the Apiary inventory
  • Changed the fishing loot tables and removed several primitive objects
  • Upgraded the seated spot in the lumber chair
  • Risen up the battle-ax damage
  • Solved problems which are related to poultry cooking and stacking
  • Decreased poultry stacks to 5
  • Made the poultry spoil time greater
  • Reduced the fish and ribs domesticating relation
  • Corrected the steel safe damage type which cannot be wrecked by using basic tools
  • Renamed the lumber glass ceiling so as to be suitable for other similar structures
  • Viking ax and battle ax can be restored without difficulty
  • The grindstone should observe inside the own store for essential materials instead of the personal inventory
  • Fixed the issue of the dried rice description and icon
  • You can’t select tea, coffee, sugar, or tobacco to tame your pet.
  • Ameliorated the wooden club torpor

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