The Hot Debut of ARK: Survival Evolved On Mobile Devices

The Hot Debut of ARK: Survival Evolved On Mobile Devices

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ARK: Survival Evolved is announced to be available for mobile devices. All iOS and Android users will be able to enter the world of dinosaurs and pre-historic creatures on their mobile phones. The mobile version consists of many wonderful features that you can explore, such as a large island, over 80 kinds of dinosaurs with primeval creatures to domesticate and train. In addition, you can form a lot of tribes, play with numerous online friends, engage in numerous fierce combats, search for resources, craft items and plenty of structures.


ARK Mobile Download

A restricted closed beta will be released on iOS in the forthcoming days. The full release is scheduled to be available all over the world later this Spring on both iOS app store and Google Play store. If you are interested in this, make sure you frequently check out the updates in the News section to find out new occurrences about the development process of the game. Also, you should remember to go to this link for the ARK Close Beta sign up.

What features are included in ARK Mobile?

Similar to the PC and console versions, ARK mobile also contains a lot of interesting features that players can experience during the game:


You can totally tame the dinosaurs and plenty of pre-historic creatures. Try to utilize your excellent strategies with some tactics to domesticate the wild creatures. You can make friends with them, train them after taming, riding them to reach many places, or you can even breed your dinosaurs.


You can dig up rare blueprints as well as many Explorer Notes that were written by former human denizens of Ark from across a thousand years. These things describe the mysterious creatures, the backstory with many secrets of the Island.

Crafting items and building structures

You can feel free to craft numerous items and construct plenty buildings by utilizing any means. Try your hardest to search for resources, then make good use of them to craft weapons, items, clothes, create shelters, villages, big cities and more.

You can plant seeds, harvest products, increase your level and customize things in a functional way. You are also able to create RPF statistics for your resources, characters, clothing items, weapons, etc.

Be a solitary survivor or work with your teammates

You can play as a solitary survivor who likes to conquer the whole world by himself, or you can form a team, then team up with other players. It’s always fun to play with your allies because you guys can support each other to get past the challenges. You can work with up to 50 players in a large-scale combat.

Join a tribe

ARK Mobile features the Tribe system that will motivate the collaboration. With this feature, the dynamic parties can share XP, resources and respawn points to each other.

ARK Mobile has experienced some changes that permit for the peak experience on a mobile device, even though the true ARK experience is under the maintenance closely. The changes consist of fast-paced gameplay, an exclusive user interface, a specific control setup designed only for the mobile game.

When playing the mobile version, you can also check out the optional upgrades. The players are able to obtain using Amber, which lets them make a faster progression. They can achieve some buffs for certain periods of time, create many crafting structures as well as revive your tames from the dead.

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