Ark: Survival Evolved is heading to mobile next week

Ark: Survival Evolved is heading to mobile next week

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The release date of Ark: Survival Evolved Mobile has been set, which is 14th¬†June 2018, so it’s only one week left to go. Have yourself ready for a survival adventure in the dinosaur world on your mobile phone! ARK Mobile comes out as a free-to-play game on iOS/Android devices. The game drops you in a wild world full of dinosaurs and many prehistoric creatures. You will begin an adventure where you must domesticate a lot of dinosaurs, form a tribe, build structures, or even fight against other opponents. War Drum Studio will be in charge of developing ARK Mobile. The mobile version bears the similar gameplay mechanics to PC and consoles, although it contains several new noteworthy features.


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You probably had ever imagined that you would want to bring an entire dinosaur world with you to everywhere via a small touchscreen device after the first release of ARK: Survival Evolved game on PC/Consoles, and now your dream has come true! Ark is not available on the mobile platform, and it’s a free-to-play game. Even though the mobile version is a latecomer, it still contains an original island map with the familiar survival and crafting systems just like in the former games. When you first spawn in this wild world, you will start as an unarmed survivor who has to visit many locations to hunt for resources, collect them as much as possible, then, use them to craft plenty of items, from weapons to tools. In addition, players also have to construct many bases for protection.

ARK 14th June 2018

Taming is a crucial part of ARK Mobile. There are over 80 creatures with different characteristics, including land creatures, sea creatures, and air creatures. They are so diverse, and taming them needs a lot of different techniques. Once you succeed in taming some, you can start training them, riding on them and fighting along with them in many battles.

Besides the classic multiplayer mode enabling 60 challengers to join the fight on the same server, you can experience a single-player mode too. Feel free to make some excellent teamwork with other players, fight together, support each other and don’t forget to set up many tribes.

In-game features

It can be a big regret if you skip playing ARK Mobile game! Although the gameplay of this mobile version is still the same as the original game, you will still earn a great gaming experience thanks to some new features added to the mobile version. The first feature you can explore is a new user interface with a redesigned controller set-up which will make the most use of the mobile touchscreens.

ARK Mobile is a free-to-play game, which is different from the original game that forces players to spend a certain amount of money on purchasing it. With this, you can totally download the game for free then install it on your mobile device. Although it’s free of charge, you still have to accept the fact that some ads will pop up in the game, but you won’t have to watch them if you own a subscription service called Primal Pass that even brings you an “ad-free experience with reserved server slots, free gifts, and more”.

Ancient Amber is a brand new material added to ARK Mobile. It’s easy to search for Ancient Amber because it’s everywhere on the island. You can use this material to earn some buffs for extended periods of time, or you can build more crafting structures, and even bring your dinosaur back to life from the dead.

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