Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

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If you are a newbie to ARK Survival Evolved game, you shouldn’t get concerned when you have no clue about what you must do to survive because, with the detailed instruction, you will be able to get over the dangers in the game. There have been so many new players struggling to beat the challenges, but some of them have experienced a lot of failures. They didn’t know where to get resources, foods, how to tame the wild dinosaurs, especially the aggressive ones, or even how to fight against other tribes. So now, just grab this chance to find out many effective hints, tips, and strategies for you to stay alive!

General settings for a single player

Tweaking the settings in ARK game may be a new strange thing to a newbie. There are so many things you must adjust in the settings before you launch your adventure. After you have booted up a Single Player sever, the game settings will be turned up, like the image below:

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

Try to check on every single section in the settings, then carefully alter anything until it becomes fit.

Starting your adventure

When you are done adjusting the single player settings, your adventure can get started! There are several principal things you have to get through first!

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

Harvesting food

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

Getting foods from nature is one of the most crucial things in the game. You can see there are so many beautiful plants and flowers that are spreading around your feet. Some of them consist of tasty berries. Don’t be hesitant to collect those berries because you will need them a lot during your adventure. To collect, you have to approach one of them, then press key E. After collecting, use key I to seek them in your own inventory. Set a hotkey to your gather berries, and if you want to use them, just click left mouse. Narcoberries are not healthy, so you mustn’t eat them. But you can use them to stun your rivals or untamed dinosaurs.

Feel free to kill some Dodo, Trilobites and Coelacanth fish because they can provide you with a good amount of meat. It’s not hard to kill those creatures! Also, they won’t assault you back.


Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

The source of water is always sufficient in the game. You can totally drink some water from several sources, like rain from the sky, some water on the ground, some in a pool and much more. The rain will automatically refill your water. However, you have to search for the source of water, and drink it by yourself for other times. To drink, you need to approach the water source, then press key E. In addition, the game enables you to take a leap right into any water source. Feel free to immerse yourself in the water!

Besides that, you are recommended to craft a water jug or canteen to save the water if you need it during your adventure. Just make a water jug a canteen at the smithy and fabricator, respectively.


Skivvys will be the initial garment for you when you first begin your adventure in ARK. Depending on the biome you are staying in, make sure that you will search for the materials, then use them to craft suitable clothes as well as crucial gears. There are some gears that you should only use them in specific cases.


This is the simple type of garment you can craft. It’s only used when you are a newbie and your adventure has just first started.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game


This kind of garment is better than Cloth. It can give you enough warm and armor, however, it’s so fragile since it can be damaged easily. Don’t wear Leather if you are trying to domesticate a high-level dinosaur.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game


Fur is a garment that has been added to the cold biomes like Snow and Swamp. If you are experiencing the cold weather, you are highly recommended to wear Fur. It can keep you warm during the biome. But, you shouldn’t wear it in the hot scorching biome.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game


This is a better garment than Fur and Leather. Chitin is not light at all. But it can keep you warm a little bit and keep you safe from the cold. Its armor rating is adequate. If you are a middle-gamed player trying to domesticate a dinosaur at level 50-80, you should try wearing Chitin.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game


This can be considered as the end game gear! Flak is such a great and perfect one! It gives you a decent armor, however, it doesn’t prevent the cold well. There is no denying that Flak has the best armor rating. No dinosaurs could pierce through it!

Riot Gear

This kind of garment is very similar to Flak, but it has some better benefits. The most outstanding point is that it’s much heavier.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game


Resources will be an exciting thing about ARK game. Together with foods, gathering resources is also crucial for your adventure. You can collect them or mine them during the game. With the resources, you are able to make a lot of gears, weapons or construct your own base. Below here are amazing resources featured in the game:

  • Fiber: All plants contain fiber. You need to get to the plants, use key E to gather the fiber.
  • Thatch: It appears in all trees. You must use a Mining Pick or Pike to collect the thatch with the maximum amounts.
  • Wood: You can find wood in trees. Be sure to use your Axe to get the maximum amounts when you collect the wood.
  • Stone: Go get some stones in rocks or on the ground. Axe will be the main tool to collect the maximum amounts of stone.
  • Flint: There are plenty of flints in all rocks. Just use the Mining Pick to get the maximum amounts of them.
  • Charcoal: If you burn some wood in a campfire, torch, or refining forge, you will get some charcoal.
  • Hide: Want to get some hide? Just go knock out some dinosaurs, then, use your Pike to collect the maximum amounts.
  • Keratin: Try to kill carbonemys, trikes, stegos, and brontos and other dinosaurs to get Keratin.
  • Oil: You can seek oil under the water in dark poop that looks like rock formations. Mining Pick is the main tool for collecting the oil.
  • Crystals: Go to the mountains and you will see crystals there. Then utilize your Mining Pick to collect the maximum amounts of crystals.
  • Silica Pearls: Go find them underwater. Try to get to them by swimming, then collect them with key E.
  • Chitin: If you destroy Titanomyra’s, Meganura’s and Trilobites, you can get Chitin. Then use your Pike to collect them all.
  • Metal: There is a bunch of metal in the mountains, and they mostly come from golden rocks. Use the Mining Pick to gather them.
  • Obsidian: Also in the mountains from dark glistening rocks, you will see much obsidian there. Like always, you must use the Mining Pick to collect them.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

Making your own base

It’s time to create your base! You should start to find a good spot where you can build up a strong base. Of course, you can go tame some dinosaurs, but make sure they are all easy herbivore. Try to prepare some gears, resources as well as a spawn point prior to starting domesticating your dinosaurs. You are recommended to approach the west side of theisland map or go to the north earth isle of the center map. You can find any herbivores there, along with a nice location to establish the base.

After finding the location, you need to begin gathering stuff and building the base. Wood, Thatch, and Fiber are crucial resources for the construction. Be sure that you will suit a mortar, pestles, fabricator, refrigerators, smithy, lights and more, and the size of your base should be adequate. After finishing building the base, you need to place things inside.

At least 2-4 mortar and pestles will be used for that. With them, you can make tranq arrows and cementing paste. Don’t forget to make some large storage boxes, 1-2 preserving bins, a bookshelf, a campfire, a smithy, a refining forge, and a simple bed.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

Now you probably have already obtained some levels from just collecting resources and discovering. Use key I or V, move to your Engrams and use them to purchase your favorite items.

Taming dinosaurs

Taming dinosaurs can be one of the most exciting yet challenging things in the single player server. Of course, it will be better if you check out some tips and tactics to domesticate the dinosaurs.

While you are taming the dinosaurs, and you have tranq arrows or a bow in your hand, make sure you aim for the head of the dinosaur to knock him out. But if you have stones and a slingshot in your hand, you should get more space to sprint, or try to trap it on a rock or a tree. But if you decide to use a gun, aiming for its head should be taken seriously, especially when you kill the Kairiku since it’s always a high chance for them to be killed easily.

You can use raw meat, cooked meat or kibble to domesticate Carnivores, but with herbivores, just be sure to use vegetables, kibble or berries. Several special dinosaurs will take other foods, like Pulminoscorpius, and for this one, you have to use spoiled meat. Also, Dung Beetle will take a kind of food which is feces.

You can find it very easy to domesticate the passive dinosaurs. Just sneak up at the back of them, give them foods that they want, then, you can knock them out. For the hostile dinosaurs, you have to stun them then you can tame them. When one is knocked out, get closer to it, then open the inventory by using key F. You can place some berries or meat in its inventory, then let it eat. After that, you can tame it. Always be sure that your dinosaur is unconscious. Try to use narcoberris or narcotics in the inventory to keep them unconscious. If somehow it wakes up, just quickly leave it!

Every single dinosaur has its own advantage which can help you a lot:

You can use a lot of dinosaurs to collect a bunch of resources. You can think about taming them if they actually help you in picking up stuff or crafting things with large amounts. When you need to harvest items, make sure you have Mammoths, Trikes, Gigantopithicus, and Brontos.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

Dinosaurs that are stuck:

Sometimes they can annoy you, but if you know how to use them, they can bring you a lot of benefits. If you are at a low level, you should think about taming a Trike because it will defend you, deal more damage, as well as help you gather a lot of wood, thatch, or even berries. You can search for a high-level Trike which is stuck in several trees, and this can bring you some advantages.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

Make sure you are always well prepared for your adventure! You must have a lot of food, water, tranqs and much other crucial stuff if you are about to venture out to explore or tame the dinosaurs.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game

When you are finally close or at the max level, maybe you are ready for the end game!

End Game

When you reach the end game, it means you are at a max level. With a bunch of dinosaurs tamed, along with the strong base, and many awesome resources piled up. You are ready for something special awaiting you when the game comes to its conclusion.


There are over 18 caves that are being covered among the hills in the game. You can start to discover them! There are plenty of resources in the caves, such as obsidian, crystals, rare mushrooms, metal, or even some rare new dinosaurs that you haven’t seen before. Hidden artifacts are the main point of the caves. You can find them and gather them as much as you can. Every single cave will contain several tough mazes or even aggressive creatures for you to conquer.

Tips for Single Player In ARK Game


Some dinosaurs contain several special items that you should gather so you can call for the last boss in the game. Try to knock out those dinosaurs first, then you can gather the special items.


There are so many bosses that you must try to conquer them when you reach the endgame. After gathering the necessary amount of artifacts as well as trophies, feel free to bring them to an Obelisk of any color then start to call for one of three tough bosses, including Broodmother, Dragon, and Monkey.

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