ARK Survival Evolved: Thanksgiving Turkey and Industrial Forge

ARK Survival Evolved: Thanksgiving Turkey and Industrial Forge

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It’s time to find out an awesome gameplay video celebrating Thanksgiving day! This is going to be a big wonderful event of ARK Survival Evolved! Every survivor will feel so amused to depart another epic adventure. Now keep calm and check it out!

Turkey Trial Thanksgiving Event

Did you have fun on your Thanksgiving day? You can have more fun and interests when taking a closer look at the gameplay called Thanksgiving Turkey and Industrial Forge in ARK Survival Evolved! Inspired by the atmosphere of Thanksgiving day, our survivors has also taken up their epic trip in the so-called Turkey Trial Thanksgiving Event. The purpose of this awesome occurrence is to go and kill some Turkeys as well as introduce the new industrial Forge, which is a brand new item that requires up to 90 EP to get it. Now, let’s watch a video of gameplay below and see how amazing that that adventure can be!

Conquering Turkeys

ARK Survival Evolved: Thanksgiving Turkey and Industrial Forge

So, are you ready to domesticate epic Dinosaurs and grab a bunch of amusement? First of all, before starting your trip, you need to take a look at your inventory to find out and choose the items that you can bring. Remember, you need to have enough Engram Points for the stronger stuff. Then, you also can customize your character, like adjust or do something else to the stats, equip him with the strong armors and awesome outfit. You can see that the guy hosted this video has such an amazing character and his dinosaur. And they are ready for hunting and taming some Turkeys! Seems like the other players have so much fun when confronting with Turkeys! Aren’t these creatures adorable? But you have to kill them for this ARK Turkey event. Be careful when you are about to get that Turkey! Control your character and dinosaur skillfully and prepare some tactics or strategies for killing it, or else you will get destroy by the Turkey. For more information, watch full video and explore more awesome stuff!

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