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As we know, ARK Survival Evolved has introduced to you guys a brand new dinosaur named Quetzal. This is such an amazing flying creature that you need to domesticate one for your sake! Find out what you can do to decorate your dinosaur!

Building Fortress for Quetzal

Imagine that you build up a whole strong fortress for your Quetzal – a cool creature in ARK Survival Evolved! That would be so magnificent, right? You can ride on that dinosaur carrying the fortress then go hunt or conquer new epic adventure. Building the fortress for you own creature also needs to take time and some necessary materials. First of all, you need to open your inventory and select some items from there, which will be used for this building. Remember to check your Engram Points when choosing them. Also, don’t forget to customize your character with the stats or any items like armors or equipment. In this video below here, you can find that the guy hosted this gameplay is using three basic items such as thatch, wood, and fiber. He said that he didn’t have enough foundation for constructing, but he still tried to make a different great foundation using those basic materials. The way he built it up was so awesome as well! It can fit the body of Quetzal and also there was a place for the survivor sitting on it. After placing all the items, now click to demolish all the thatches and then we have such a new fortress. But before that, to have a great strong fortress, you need to choose metal, and then remove all the thatch above, then add more walls for the two sides. Be careful when removing them, or else you’re gonna have to rebuild your walls once again. Alright guys, if you want to find out more information about building a fortress for Quetzal, let’s check out this video as shown below! Have fun!

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