Ark Survival Evolved: PENGUIN WARS – Dodo Rex, Zombie Dodos Attack

Ark Survival Evolved: PENGUIN WARS – Dodo Rex, Zombie Dodos Attack

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There are hot slashing wars taken place in an icy place in ARK Survival Evolved! Are you up for Penguin wars, including Dodo Rex, Zombie Dodos assault or riding Kairuku Mode? That would be so awesome, right? Now, let’s be prepared to explore a fierce war between these creatures!

Icy War between Zombie Dodos and Dodo Rex

Even little cute penguins also take on some wars against each other. Which side will be a winner? You can see that there are lots of penguin troops standing near each other. They are black Zombie Penguins trying to fight against black giant Dodo Rex army. The war is so imbalanced now! One side is small; one side is big! However, we can’t jump to the conclusion that Dodo Rex army will be the winner, even though they can release fire that can burn all the penguins. Throughout the video, we can see that Dodo Rex army keeps trying to attack penguins without ceasing, but the little warrior makes great movements because they are crowded and they are smaller to move faster. There is a penguin who is centered, and it is being chased by other small Dodo Rex, but finally, he did succeed in escaping away from the enemies. At first, Dodo Rex will be small ones, but after a while, they turn into bigger and more slashing. The top scene was probably the one when Dodo Rex tried to burn all the penguins, which caused such a dreadful disorder. However, the surprising part would be the escaping of Dodo Rex army at the end of the video. We probably consider that penguins are the winners after struggling against the giant enemies so hard, causing some of them to get injured. Anyway, for full details, let’s check out the video here to experience this awesome war!

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