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Check out another adventure in ARK Survival Evolved in the gameplay video done by Sl1pg8r! This time, he’s gonna show us how to transform the Penguin army to the new Water Pen using his domesticated creatures and other stuff! That sounds so amazing, right? Explore now!

How to transform the penguin army

Wandering around ARK world then you encounter with a cute penguin troop. These penguins are so adorable and small; you will have to bring all of them to your base then build up a little home for them later! To carry all of them, the most comfortable way that you need to do is to get a new big box that can contain them inside. If you still haven’t got any, you could try to create a new one by using some thatch or other possible items. After getting a box, now the next step is to choose a domesticated creature, put the crate on its back then place all the penguins inside there.

How to build a Water Pen

The final job is to build up a Water Pen, which is going to be a new home of those penguins. To construct it, go to the sea and search for the strong foundation under the water, and after that, you will have to build up some walls around and stone ceilings above. If you want to add more metal, you can use your axe and hit the natural stone around the beach to get some of them. When you are done building the Water Pen, try to move all your penguins in there and be careful if there is any other wild creature trying to eat up all your little babies. Shoot it down and protect your penguins!
Watch the full video here and explore more!

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