ARK Survival Evolved: Giganotosaurus Battles

ARK Survival Evolved: Giganotosaurus Battles

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Are you ready to grab a bunch of hilarious moments when domesticating epic awesome dinosaurs in ARK Survival Evolved? Another new adventure is awaiting you ahead with full of challenges and amusement! Today, we are going to find out some of fantastic activities. Let’s stay tuned and explore now!

Giganotosaurus Battles

The battle between Quetzal ad Giganotosaurus is so fierce and attentive! In that video, you can see that our guy has succeeded in managing his way through a rough terrain filled with hard rock as he was trying to vanquish the big Giganotosaurus. We can see that he has such a good controlling skills when he has to direct his Quetzal fortress and use it as his main weapon to attack and conquer the target. He decided to open his inventory and chose the items that he wanted to use to increase his strength. He selected more species and seed then planted them over the vacant places of the fortress. After that, there is such a big change that can be seen from the battle. The guy controlling his Quetzal fortress can easily push the Giganotosaurus off the mountain, resulting in the victory! That was such a cool battle between these creatures!

Reconstruct the Mountain Forge along with brand new Industrial Forge

It’s a rainy night, and you need to be prepared for the reconstruction of the Mountain Forge. Before taking on this mission, the first thing you must do is to open your inventory, and then choose your necessary items which can help you rebuild. After selecting all the required items, then it’s time for the rebuilding! You are supposed to choose the suitable spot so that you can place your industrial forge. If the place for this rebuilding is not wide enough, then you need to expand the size of that place buy building more walls, form the higher ceilings and so on. The building period in the video takes much time to complete the target. So, keep watching it and then you can totally make your own one!

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