What you need to know about in-app purchases in ARK Mobile

What you need to know about in-app purchases in ARK Mobile

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ARK: Survival Evolved will be available on iOS and Android devices on 14th June 2018, and it comes out as a free-to-download mobile game, but still, it contains in-app purchases that will be also approachable for all players after the official release. What are the in-app purchases on ARK mobile game about? It’s a perfect time to take a look at it and get a better grasp of it.

In-app purchases in ARK Mobile

Ancient Amber

It will be up to you if you want to spend your money on ARK mobile or not. As mentioned above, this mobile version is free for download and play on your own mobile device. You are allowed to get a lot of items, buffs as well as structures in the game without charging your money. About the Ancient Amber, it’s known as a rare resource that you can buy and it will be stuck to your account in a private server or in single player. You can consider it as an in-game currency. It doesn’t need to be bought straightly. In fact, there are several ways for you to achieve Ancient Amber:

  • You can collect Ancient Amber from big predators.
  • You can find it in Amber deposits dispersed on around the island.
  • Sometimes, you will be given a random chance to get it from Free Gifts.
  • You can also get Ancient Amber by watching some Ads.
  • Or sometimes when you pick up stones off the ground, you will be able to obtain the Ancient Amber.

Besides that, some optional timed XP Boosts and Free Gifts are also added to the game. You can buy them back many times every day, but to do that, you must watch an ad.

There are several awesome things you can purchase using your Ancient Amber. They all have been made with the purpose of giving comfortable selections for the survivors who can’t spend their time on attempting to earn stuff during the game. With a good amount of Ancient Amber, you can buy:

  • Structures: Some paid structures consist of crafting stations that you can utilize for crafting many items directly for your own self or even your tribe, such as kibble, ammunition, paint dyes, and many other structures. More of structures will be approachable for you to buy when your level is increased.
  • Buffs: When you are in trouble and can’t get through the difficult case, you should use the timed buffs to get past the challenges. There are some current buffs you can utilize, such as resistance to weather factors, weight capacity, and reduced hunger.
  • Items: There are several single-use consumable items featured in the game, like the Soothing Balm. Your taming effectiveness will be grown by it when you feed to an untamed creature.

In-app purchases in ARK Mobile

Primal Pass

Primal Pass is known as a subscription service that can be used on all servers and used in Single Player. The price for a basic Primal Pass is $3.99 per month, and the annual pass will cost $34.99. This is such a useful service when it brings you a permanent double XP buff, ads removal (consisting of the ads on the Free Gifts mentioned above), saving slots on all servers, forthcoming special occurrences, early access to interesting news as well as you can even get access to the Primal Pass – exclusive servers.

For the players who want to have a premium gaming experience without much paid imbalance, they can totally check out these Primal Pass-exclusive servers. All of the paid structures on these servers are put out of the action. You can only buy buffs and some items. Therefore, a paying player won’t get any advantages from buying resources or structures that can be harvested. If you want to own the most relaxed and casual experience, then this will be a great choice for a seasoned player like you.

Hopefully, the whole overview above will make you partly understand the in-app purchases in ARK mobile game. With the Ancient Amber and Primal Pass, you will have a nice gaming experience when playing the game on your device. If you have any feedback or want to let the development team know your thoughts, just feel free to send them to the developers.

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