How To Tame Bees and How to Harvest Honey in ARK Survival Evolved Game

How To Tame Bees and How to Harvest Honey in ARK Survival Evolved Game

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Bees are new creatures that were already released in ARK Survival Evolved. Lots of tribes and survivors have been trying to domesticate bees for their own sakes. A tamed Queen Bee will bring lots of benefits to the people if they know how to use their bees wisely. Normally, a tamed bee will lay some drone eggs, then it will create a hive for the tribes to collect plenty of delicious honey which can be used to lure other wild creatures or other purposes. If you don’t know where to find the bees, how to tame them or even what advantages they can give you after being tamed, then start to check it out now!

Items Needed

To tame the bees, you are supposed to prepare some necessary items as mentioned below:

  • Bug Repellant will be used for the taming section
  • Long Range Weapon will be used for the hive
  • Prepare a nice mount like a land dinosaur or a flyer
  • A Ghillie
  • Or you can take another player with you, which completely relies on server stats, gear or experience, or difficulty.


You can find the bees in the redwood forest on the island, and you probably strip on the hive that has plenty of bee drones around. Stay away from the bee drones as they are very dangerous and willingly to attack you if you aim to take their Queen Bee away.

How To Tame Bees and How to Harvest Honey in ARK Survival Evolved Game

How to domesticate queen bee

After finding a bee hive, the first thing you must do is to demolish it. You can use a tool to hit it or utilize a long-range weapon to destroy it from afar. Actually, you are not highly recommended to use a tool because you may slay the Queen Bee or the other drones will take you out. The drones will spawn a lot in order to defend their queen no matter what, only until you completely destroy the hive, that’s when you see the queen. After taming it, she will fly to you at a slow speed and she will continue spawning further drones before you get closer to her. You should utilize the bug repellant to avoid being hit by the drones. After that, you will begin to give the queen lots of rare flowers to feed it.

After domestication

After taming a queen bee, you may figure out that you already have some domesticated drones with the queen too. Just make them go behind you, or let them pick up the queen for you, and they will die after that, or you will be the one that picks the queen up. When you take her, she will change into a bee hive, and you must put on the ground without any foundations. Bring up the inventory of the bee hive, then take out some rare flowers to give them to the queen after placing, then it will begin to create honey gradually.

The queen will fly out after the death of the hive, and this will allow you to achieve and replace the hive.

Make sure you have a bug repellant or your ghillie armor ready before collecting the honey, using one of those two items will prevent you from being assaulted by the bees.

How To Tame Bees and How to Harvest Honey in ARK Survival Evolved Game

The advantages of honey

After harvesting a quite amount of tasty honey, you can use it for a lot of purposes:

  • The honey can be utilized for domesticating a dire bear
  • You can also use honey to tame the brand new LiopLeurodon
  • Other dinosaurs will be enticed by the honey, so make sure you use honey to tempt them to where you are heading to, then you can let those creatures eat honey (just use the hotbar and hit number)
  • The honey that is in material form can be totally absorbed, and you can utilize it to make lots of custom recipes, or use it when you go fishing and need to bait.

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