Redwood Biome Update and The Center Boss Challenge!

Redwood Biome Update and The Center Boss Challenge!

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Get ready to explore new biome changes to the Island in ARK Survival Evolved game! You will find out about brand new location, named the Redwood Forest and gently enlarging the Snow Biome’s size.

You can utilize a map to figure out the locations where the island will get several alterations.


The blue location depicts a brand new size of Snow Biome. The orange location describes the area of Redwood Biome, and for the green one, it shows a small part of the Swamp which is changed into Redwood

The development team always tries to dodge creating serious map changes because it can make players nervous when they care about moving their bases, but in some situations, changes should be made for the advancement of the game.

While the development team is getting ready to release new biomes, there will be a new update for the game with 3D markers in order to assist players to figure out locations that are going to be changed. The markers will be added to the game, and you can have a look at them below here:




Competition: The Center Boss Challenge!


There will be $500 cash in a specific competition for official server the Center players. The initial PC tribe who can defeat both bosses on official PVP server will get that reward.

The players are required to have screenshot proof of the pause menu taken from the boss arena, consisting of server name, and the stuff which are gotten from conquering bosses. You can post your images on the forums and leave a comment below, along with the screenshots in the survivetheark thread.

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