Extinction Chronicles V Tomorrow!

Extinction Chronicles V Tomorrow!

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Get yourself ready for Extinction Chronicles V in ARK: Survival Evolved! You should track the game to check out a client and server side update taking Extinction Chronicles V to the survivors on three platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PS4. The new stage of Extinction Chronicles V brings you awesome great thing sot explore. Make sure you won’t miss this stage!

Extinction Chronicles V Tomorrow!

About Extinction Chronicles V

Leading up to the introduction of Extinction, there will be some notes relating to Extinction, such as Explorer Notes on The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration, and they are all monthly dropped. After you have gathered them all, you will be able to unlock brand new skins relating to Extinction.

In addition, you will also check out a lot of Tek-themed Dinosaur variants that are much stronger. They are all within the ARKs every month. The Tek Dinosaurs are eternal additions, meaning that they will keep popping up even after the event comes to its conclusion, and there is always a brand new one starting to pop up every month.

* In Extinction Chronicles I, three Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Helmet, and the Tek Rex were released.

* In Extinction Chronicles II, three Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Boots and the Tek Stego were released.

* In Extinction Chronicles III, three Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Pants, and the Tek Raptor were released.

* In Extinction Chronicles IV, three Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Shirt and the Tek Parasaur were released.

About Extinction Chronicles V

With the fifth stage, you will surely explore three new Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Gloves and a brand new Tek creature – the Tek Quetzal.

Click here for the image of the Corrupted Gloves.

Furthermore, special colored dinosaurs will inhabit across the ARKs. It will be very easy to find the creatures sporting black, red, purple, green and white until the introduction of Extinction. You should grab a chance to make good use of those special colored dinosaurs before they become extinct.

Eventually, you can hope to see and enjoy more extinction screenshots on the main forums of the game. Don’t forget to check it out!

Patch Notes

Find out all the fixes and notes featured in Extinction Chronicles V update

– Extinction Chronicles V.

– Added Tek Quetz.

* New breeding line.

* 5% chance to spawns.

* 20% higher base level.

– Attached new color set (including black, red, green, purple, white).

– Attached 3 new Explorer Notes and matching unlock (Corrupted Gloves).

-Developed maximum player level by 1.

– Climbing pick meshing fixes.

– Better controlling for low fps server dino assaulting.

– Fix the breakdown for cleaning up the structure placers.

– Pre-emptive API for the server structure cleanup upgrade.

– Developed the damage range for players/dinos on the surface of Aberration.

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