Engram Enigma Contest

Engram Enigma Contest

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Get ready for the Engram Enigma Contest in ARK Survival Evolved Mobile! The hunt is finally begun, so let’s try to conquer it now. In this contest, you will have a chance to unlock all Engrams, but you need to try your best to find out a way to unlock them. And once you have uncovered the secret, you can freely submit your result via the form.

Engram Enigma Contest

The award for the winner of this contest is very awesome! If you are the first one listing all proper steps accurately, you will be given 5,000 Ancient Amber, then, you can totally use it online.

Rules for the competition

  • You must be at least 13 years old to join the competition.
  • 1 person can only send 1 submission. If you send a lot of submissions, your access to this contest will be invalid.
  • The Grand Prize’s redemption will be given as (5) separate codes for 1,000 Ancient Amber each, and it can be redeemed on an online server.
  • Make sure you fill in this form to send your entry submission. Submitting your theories via other channels won’t be accepted.
  • There is only one accurate way for you to obtain the engrams.
  • You don’t have to purchase for unlocking all engrams.
  • You should naturally play the game to explore it. No irrelevant workarounds are needed.
  • Only ARK mobile contains this feature.
  • All the rules for this contest can be changed. Make sure you catch up with all the updates here.

You can go to any of these channels as shown below to check out more hints:

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