Conquest Servers Are Open In ARK: Survival Evolved

Conquest Servers Are Open In ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARK: Survival Evolved is ready to launch a major event called Conquest! A hardcore fan of this multiplayer survival game should grab this chance to explore what Conquest is about and join it for more experiences as well as for a huge amount of fun. At the moment, the Conquest Servers are already open for all players to take part in. Let’s have a deeper look at it now!

ARK: Survival Evolved

What is Conquest?

Conquest is known as a brand new PvP player experience designed for the PC players. Conquest mostly concentrates on large-scale PvP while it eludes the issue of big tribes. The tribes will be permitted to form themselves very fast by the advanced rates, also, they can totally reconstruct right after possible losses rather than being completely killed.

Conquest Breakdown

  • The rates of some elements have been doubled compared to the standard Official Servers (2x). Those elements include experience gain, taming, gathering, breeding, hatching, and raising.
  • Now, the tribes can contain up to 25 players.
  • The tribe alliances are put out of action, but the casual alliances are still accepted.
  • Now, the servers can contain up to 100 players.
  • On the Conquest group, there are 36 servers in total.
  • Server transfers are allowed.
  • Evolution Events have no effect on the Conquest servers.


The Enforcement team of ARK: Survival Evolved will be enlarging to keep guard on this new cluster actively. This kind of active enforcement is being experimented. The Enforcement team is hoping to bring a true challenge to the players as well as to be able to keep this event while operating together with the players. They want to actively guard and have a big grasp of the players of every single server. The leader of every big tribe on the Conquests can totally send a request to engage in a Discord server, along with an entry to the Enforcement team. Hopefully, all the servers are equitable, awesome, and competitive thanks to this kind of active enforcement and collaboration from the Conquest players.

There are both English and Chinese supports featured in the Enforcement team, while Russian and Portuguese supports will be coming up in the near future. If any player doesn’t obey the Code of Conduct, he/she will put up with some consequences, including but not restricted to an item, a tribe, structure and dinosaur wipe by the Enforcement team. All the reports sent to Enforcement are taken seriously, and all players should learn this!

Tribe Spotlight Program

When your tribe engages in Conquest, it will turn into your identity on this cluster, which is the main objective of the Enforcement team. You will get into a fight with a team name that is considered as a badge of honor. The clean/validated tribes will be provided with opportunities (via the Discord) by the Enforcement team in order to mark themselves within the community. All the tribes will have a chance to be pointed out and highlighted in articles on SurviveTheARK. Also, the Enforcement team will give promotions to the tribes on social media, like retweets for content creators. The program is not completed yet, and still in the development phase. More details of it will be released in the forthcoming weeks.

Tribe Spotlight Program

The Conquest servers will be much more promoted and will be accessible for PC players on September 28 at 10 AM PST. The Enforcement team will be keeping an eye on the success of the cluster and judge and consider on bringing them to console at a subsequent date. All PvP players are highly recommended and encouraged to explore these new servers for a brand new gaming experience.

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