ARK: The Explorer’s Edition

ARK: The Explorer’s Edition

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ARK Survival Evolved has been launched for a long time, and now it’s still attracting lots of players due to new updates as well as further features. The Explorer’s Edition is one of them that you need to check out. It mixes the base game with a Season Pass consisting of three big Expansion Packs. Joining the Explorer’s Edition is also a nice way for you to experience a lot of dinosaur actions. With this one, you can totally gain an entry to the base game as well as the Scorched Earth (which is available now) easily. In addition to this, there are two more expansion packs that are currently approachable, and they will provide you with almost 900 hours of gameplay.

Activities in ARK: The Explorer’s Edition

Seize and domesticate dinosaurs

In the Explorer’s Edition, you can totally explore more than 100 discrepant dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures scattering around on the island. You need to find your own methods, use your tactics in order to tame them all, then, you can add them to your dino herd.


There are so many harsh elements you have to survive, including hunger, thirst, battles, and more. You are supposed to get through all of these, defend yourself from the severe weathers and try to stay alive as long as possible. If you sprint too far, you will get exhausted and tired very fast, also, the level of your hunger and thirst will be greatly increased. The weather effects are completely depended on the climates in the real world. You have to hide from the rain, and snow, then make the good use of the sunny days.

Harvesting, Hunting, and Constructing

Trees are considered as the main resources for you to make your own shelter. So you need to chop down a lot of trees, then make a good use of them for your construction. You can totally enlarge your gatherings into a Jurassic estate. Don’t forget to lower down the level of your hunger by searching for meat or even scavenging for plants. With a lot of edible resources, you can make your own garden as well.

Picking up resources and modifying everything

The game features an expansive crafting system that allows you to combine the materials scavenged to create new stuff following your own way. You can alter the textures, shapes, colors as well as a lot of wall styles. In addition, you can even change the equipment of your character, or put armor on him/her, or even attached more weapons to him.

Discovering the whole island

While you are carrying out your activities as well as unraveling all mysteries in the game, you should go discover the entire island too. You can find out the Explorer’s Notebooks that have so many interesting clues. In addition, the boss fight is amazing too! Try to get to the combat, defy the final boss and use your abilities to defeat him.

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