ARK: Survival Evolved – The Center!

ARK: Survival Evolved – The Center!

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The Center in ARK Survival Evolved was made by a modder named Ben Burkart, and it was the initial one to be created into an Official Mod. This was viewed as an immense ARK map, and most of the players will feel very surprised and excited when starting their adventure through The Center. Check it out now!

The Center in ARK Survival Evolved


The players can make their way through it to explore a lot of new biomes and caves. Those places are so big that they can ease their living eco-system.


The large map increases twofold the playable geography of the giant ARK landscape, which makes it approximately 70sq. kilometers. The Center is full of magnificent lightning effects, big picturesque mountains, lava rivers, foggy floating islands, old undergo ruins, giant ice caves and, there are various dangers and odd secrets laying over the wonderful sights, you and your tribe mates have to figure them out.

6The Center is free of charge for all players of the game. If you haven’t ventured into this odd world full of dinosaurs, just go get ARK Survival Evolved now because the game is putting on sales with a nice discount, 33% off.

For getting a hold of the DLC, you should move here and then you can totally get it for free.


New updates and Servers 

Without using the auto-generated content, The Center was created by hand. It will utilize the save date, along with individual selections for resetting the save date for each separate map. 100-player Official Servers will be launched and now, let’s check out some of the updates for today on the PC! There are various extra content and fixes:

  • The Center Official ARK Mod/Map as Free DLC has been added
  • New 100-player ‘The Center’ Official Servers have been added
  • Upgraded Non-TrueSky Sky & Lighting (+ SM4/Mac/Linux)
  • Important server PhysX & Networking optimization
  • Attached an option for PvE servers to remove building around extreme resource node areas
  • Dodos and Dung Beetles can be picked up and thrown now
  • Repaired the large stall/lock when you “Transfer” various items at a time
  • Arthropluera “Turret” AI mode option: will not move and will only be utilized ranged attack to counter targets.
  • Attached server option for overriding per-Item Crafting costs
  • Attached server option for overriding the loot tables for every single type of supply box
  • Attached server option to restrict the number of members in Tribes. Default: no restriction
  • Warmap displays the mini-map texture of any level that you are playing on.

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