ARK Survival Evolved: TEK Tier Reveal

ARK Survival Evolved: TEK Tier Reveal

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ARK Survivor Evolved is a popular Dinosaur game all over the world. Now, the players are able to find out a brand new technology that is applied in this game. All the staff of development team has put their effort into making good on hovering obelisks in the sky by launching the so-called Tek Tier. This will cause so many players to get curious about this new stuff. So if you’re so into about it, you should check out more information about the Tek Tier now!

What is Tek Tier?

As mentioned above, Tek Tier is known as a brand new endgame technology tier introducing in the crafting system of the game and it awards the most faithful players of the survival sandbox with several perfect items, such as Power Rangers, and Starship Troopers gear. With all the items releasing in the initial update, which will be available in the forthcoming weeks, ARK game will receive some equipment, including Tek Armor, Tek Rifle, and the Giga Helmet.

Characteristics of Tek Tech

Each of new fragment of Tek tech has its own strong skills in order to turn them into more advantageous. Being equipped with a useful HUD, the Tek helmet is used for pointing out some creatures and many players. It highlights them, paint them regardless of they are aggressive, neutral, or even adorable and amiable. A night vision mode is able to bring a better vision for a certain period of time. The Tek gauntlets can launch some awesome punches which send some amazing men out! The chestpiece possesses a jetpack which can perform the same stuff as jetpacks. Also, with the brilliant metallic pants, you’re allowed to make a speed burst while traversing the whole maps very fast, even when you go through perishable materials. But, probably, the perfect features could be the armor and LED highlight colors

The underwater bases could be a fascinating feature of the Tek Tier rollout, particularly the players that have long time playing in the game. These aspects will be released in the subsequent update at the early of next year, and they will become the small section of Tek Tier. In the meanwhile, you can check out this amazing art and start imagining! Using this feature will help you a lot when you live in a pen just right under the water. Lots of players who want to play underwater will be surely longing for this feature!

ARK Survival Evolved: TEK Tier Reveal

The brand new Tek shouldn’t be utilized with the careless abandon. Every single capability and function or even feature always need Element which is known as an infrequent resource that you’re only able to receive by finishing some endgame challenges and missions. More of them will come out in the subsequent six months. So, let’s keep calm and wait for them, guys!

The players of ARK Survival Evolved will get more chances to find out the Tek Tier, the way that underwater bases operate, the official release date of these features, the full roadmap for the last stretch prior to leaving Early Access of the game. All of them will come out very soon, so you need to visit our place more regularly to explore more news. They will be exposed in Surviving Early Access!

TEK Tier system will be the highly anticipated stuff that most of the players of ARK Survival Evolved game are longing for. It promises to become a good feature that helps a lot of players get past some current problems that they have while playing the game. Hopefully, in future, more features like this will be launched and put into ARK in order to make it more amazing and thrilling to play!

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