ARK Survival Evolved: Scorched Earth Expansion Pack!

ARK Survival Evolved: Scorched Earth Expansion Pack!

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Be prepared to find out the initial expansion pack named ARK: Scorched Earth which was developed by the development team of ARK Survival Evolved. This awesome update will bring you a lot of interesting information, features, new items, and other stuff to check out.

Everything about Scorched Earth

Needless to say, most of the survivors will have brand new experience from the adventure with Scorched Earth. They are brought to the island that has severe weather conditions, they will even undergo dehydrated state, get hungry and have to battle for their survival. They are supposed to search for water, food, collect new flora, create more items, weapons, construct the bases and so on.


Scorched Earth is known as a brand new map which consists of seven exclusive desert-like biomes, including mountains, canyons, badlands, oasis, high desert, high desert, and the deadly channel. All of those places have their own unique characteristics, resources, ecosystems, and much more.


In addition, these biomes also contain a lot of new creatures that the survivors can domesticate and train. You are able to take control of Morellatops that are like a caravan of camels, or you can join a fierce war against the opponents, and try your best to aim and shoot them down. Be watchful when making any steps in the huge desert, otherwise, a Dead Worm will catch sight of you.


Water has been considered as one of the most precious resources to search for and easily achieve on The Island. All the survivors have to understand and learn again the skills for their survival as well as try to stay alive in such a dangerous desert that doesn’t have many water resources.


With Scorched Earth, the survivors will have a chance to find out more than 50 new items to create, such as brand new cloths, outfits, and lots of useful structures to use for defense against the deadly heat out there. They can even craft a bunch of new tools so that they can use and struggle against the dangerous environment. In addition, they players can utilize tents to bring short-term shelter and use other items to build up their defensive system, like whips, boomerangs, flamethrowers. They can make clean power by using wind turbines, collect a lot of rare resources by using water wells, and oil refineries.


It will be a new and fantastic experience for the survivors to undergo new weathers, such as deadly electrical storms, sand storms that can cover their sight and so on.

Additionally, the players will have to face one of the most dangerous boss creatures in ARK Survival Evolved. It’s savage Manticore and you must release your strength, prepare strategies in order to fight against this creature.


There is a new feature for you to explore! It’s called The Gateway and it’s used by Scorched Earth. The Gateway is known as a cross-server ARK transfer, which is very helpful to the survivors. If they succeed in surviving and struggling against the hard conditions in the desert, they can have a chance to get back to the main game, ARK Survival Evolved, bringing a lot of gather tools, new domesticated creatures and so on. After that, it will be easier for them to come to Scorched Earth once again.


If you want to depart your adventure and experience all new features, harsh weather conditions, then you must hurry to get Scorched Earth now! It’s already approachable on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview. But, you must be sure that you already have AR Survival Evolved since Scorched Earth is just an extension of the main game.

If you don’t own ARK Survival Evolved yet, you can get it now at a good price on Steam and Xbox One, which is 40% off the retail price.

PAX West!

PAX Rex which is known as a new big friend will engage in Studio Wildcard this weekend. PAX Rex will join the whole team at the Studio Wildcard South Hall, or you can check it out by going to Twitch channel [], the team will be streaming to all weekend for the launching of the new events in ARK game.

In addition, the new members of the team, some famous streamers and content creators who will display the new extension will join too.


NVIDIA Ansel is known as a good way for the survivors to capture many shots in their game. ARK Survival Evolved and the Scorched Earth Expansion Pack will contain this one too. The players are able to capture the shots from certain positions, modify with the filters after the process, picture a lot of HDR images, share their images in 360 through their smartphones, PC or VR headset.

For further information about these characteristics, you can go to Ansel Technology page, as well as NVIDIA blog

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