Ark: Survival Evolved Releases the Initial Paid DLC from Early Access

Ark: Survival Evolved Releases the Initial Paid DLC from Early Access

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All the big lovers of ARK Survival Evolved game shouldn’t let go of a chance to find out a brand new extension of the game called Scorched Earth. It is known as the first paid expansion that takes you to a new environment where you have to explore, struggle and survive. The game is still in Early Access program on Steam, but launching is the initial expansion like this will bring a good chance to the players for their new experiences, which makes the game more and more thrilling to play.

Possibly speaking, ARK Survival Evolved mostly comes to the final progress, meaning the building process of the game may be finished in the short future. However, with the latest extension mentioned above, ARK is still hot and worth a try. Scorched Earth will take all players to desert-like biomes where all of them have to face dehydrated condition. It promises to be an exciting experience to all survivors. They will acquire more knowledge, good techniques, skills for their survival.

What is Scorched Earth about?

Scorched Earth will bring the survivors to a place where they have to face and struggle against severe weather conditions. That place is always dehydrated, which is considered as a deadly threat to them. They will be hungry, thirsty and have to find more stuff, items, food, water in order to survive.

Water is considered as a rare resource here! Therefore, it is highly recommended for all survivors to craft and make outfits that can resist the heat, and build up many structures, shelters by utilizing more than 50 new items. You can totally take them with you on the way back to your main game.

There is one evil boss called Manticore! You are supposed to face this deadly boss creature, release your power and try to beat it!

The Gateway is known as a cross-server ARK transfer which is used by Scorched Earth in order to help the players go back and forth from the desert biomes to their main game, ARK Survival Evolved. Also, this feature allows them to take all tools, items that they have collected with them when returning to the main game.

The price of Scorched Earth is £14.99/$19.99 on Steam. If you want to own this awesome expansion, just make sure that you already own ARK Survival Evolved. The main game is on sale at 40% off the retail price. Let’s start to purchase it now and experience a lot of things in the game!

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