ARK Survival Evolved: Primitive+, The Center, Allosaurus, Pelagornis, and the Fishing Frenzy Free Weekend!

ARK Survival Evolved: Primitive+, The Center, Allosaurus, Pelagornis, and the Fishing Frenzy Free Weekend!

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Let’s grab a chance to explore Primitive+ which is known as an official mod for ARK Survival Evolved game and the players can play it as a functional mod on all the official maps in ARK game. With this mod, the players will be challenged a lot. They will have to change their current tools, weapons, alter some complex structures. Those challenging activities will be able to reflect the things that human beings can make by utilizing primitive materials and resources. However, you don’t have to worry about if the developed technology is removed or not, the answer is “No”! The current technology is still there, this mod only replaces it with a large number of brand new materials, resources, systems or even engrams.

Finishing all goals and trying to be good at controlling their roles, as well as teaming up with each other are all what players have to do. They will even be able to make new society by building up constructions, working together, hunting, farming, cooking and much more. The players have to deal with the restrictions of human society and open its possibilities in this Primitive Plus.


Besides Primitive+, the players also have a chance to find out the extension of the Center. It has been extended much by adding brand new islands, caves, biomes, a boss arena for the player’s expedition, and plenty of different creatures for all survivors to domesticate.

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Due to the excellent flying and walking ability, Pelagornis is known as a very hostile mount. It possesses awesome wingspan, along with a beak that is full of projections just like a tooth, which is utilized for catching fish. With webbed feet, it is able to swim over the surface of the ocean.



Allosaurus is known as a carnivorous dinosaur of a hunting group living on the island. It is smaller, but more quickly than Tyrannosaurus. But when compared to Carnotaurus, it’s bigger but more slowly. Different from other hostile theropods, Allosaurus is not lonely and it usually lives in units of three. Among them, one will take on a role as a pack leader, the other ones will be the mates or a beta male.


Extra Update v245 Content Contains

  • Fishing Rod and Fishing Mechanic! With these items, you will become an excellent fisherman, you can even use a lot of baits, catch a lot of fish, play a mini-game to circle the fish and obtain a bunch of awards.
  • Industrial Grinder is a brand new structure that is able to grind the stuff into a part of the crafting resources, and after that, it will change the resources into easy ones
  • Spiral Staircase (Stone/Wood/Metal) is also a new structure in this update
  • Optional Hitmarkers will be a brand new mechanic and they are utilized for ranged assaults. (they can be turned on/off by the server, or the client as along as the server permits it
  • Building Assualt/Destruction Tribe Logs
  • The UI Option for colorizing item name texts depended on quality level
  • Offline Raid Protection mode debilitates the PIN Locking not, and the Structures in Caves won’t get ORP anymore.


Free Weekend on Steam and Wonderful 50% Sale

Ark Survival Evolved is organizing a Free Weekend on Steam from Thursday to Sunday, 28-31 July 2016. The survivor can ask their friends to join them, begin their domestication, training, take care of pets, or even riding on tamed Dinosaurs to explore the whole world of the game. In addition, the game is putting on sale at 50% off from July 28th to August 3rd, 2016.

The Summer Cup


This is the Summer Cup for all survivors! The eligible teams were taken to Shanghai, China for playing at ChinaJoy 2016 and make an effort to battle for more than $40,000.

There are 10 eligible international teams, including eight teams coming from Europe and North America, and two teams coming from China. They have soared for this tournament which will be organized at ChinaJoy 2016. The famous streamer typeForce and Studio Wildcard Jen will steam the three matches, which begins at 6h30 pm PST, Thursday, July 28, 2016

You can go to ARK Twitch Channel ( to watch all three matches live, along with the Award Ceremony instantly coming behind the final match:

Round 1 – at 6:30 pm PST, Thursday, July 28

Round 2 – at 9:30 pm PST, Thursday, July 28

Round 3 –at  11:30 pm PST Thursday, July 28



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