ARK: Survival Evolved: New Bug Reporting System,Small Tribes Clusters Coming and Fourth of July 2x Breeding

ARK: Survival Evolved: New Bug Reporting System,Small Tribes Clusters Coming and Fourth of July 2x Breeding

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All fans of ARK: Survival Evolved should explore many new features coming, including the introduction of the new mysterious mysteries, bug reporting system, incoming maintenance, the fifth community live stream and so forth. Let’s check them out!

Introducing mysterious mysteries

Mysterious Mysteries

From the image above, can you guess what it is? A new creature will be released in ARK: Survival Evolved in the forthcoming time. So, let’s wait until it’s out!

New Bug Reporting System!

Are you excited to check out the new bug reporting system? The development team brings you a beta of the new bug submission process. With the link below, you can access a bug submission page where you are allowed to send a problem that you have experienced in the game to the team.

Bug Submissions

Hopefully, with the new submission process, more information will be collected easily and the team can streamline the process. Reading and filling out the form accurately is very crucial. You should give out more information so the developers can quickly solve the issues. With the videos and the pictures that have right steps on how to reproduce a problem, the developers can easily do that.

  • If you need a GM’s assistance in the game, just simply use the Customer Support [] ticket system.
  • If you want to report abuse or rule breaking occurring on your official server, you can use the Incident Report [] system.

Forthcoming Maintenance – Small Tribes Servers!

After checking out some feedback on the Small Tribes players, and transfers is one of the worries that the development team has seen. They have made a decision on gathering the Small tribes servers rather than just disabling them all together. This means that every server will be run on an unconnected transfer group from the others, with 8-10 other servers, and every single map will be shown in every group.

In the forthcoming time, these Small Tribe servers will be attached to new groups in order to prevent the current and formed tribes from moving into them instantly when they are released.

The process will be implemented on July 16th at 1 pm EST. The tribes that have various bases on many servers are highly recommended to acknowledge which servers they will access and transfer their bases appropriate so as to be within the similar cluster. In addition, the tribes need to remember to download anything that was saved into their cloud before the servers go offline. Any uploaded things will be deleted throughout the grouping process.

*shows new servers that will be added between 1-2pm EST tomorrow to insert the divided clusters

Upcoming Maintenance - Small Tribes Servers!

Upcoming Maintenance – Fresh Servers Joining Main Cluster!

The initial set of Fresh Servers that were already released will be engaging in the main cluster on July 3rd because the 60 period has become invalid. This will take place throughout 1 pm EST deployment.

indicates new servers

Community Livestream #5 This Thursday!

Community Livestream

On this Thursday, July 5th, the community team will carry out another great Livestream with the appearances of Zen Rowe, Christ, and Jen. They all bring you awesome news about ARK game, celebrate modding as well as the community as the entire every other week. This livestream is a nice mixture between playing ARK, displaying mods and our community creations. All players of ARK are invited to join the developers in the chat. You guys can play the game together, talk each other as well as share a lot of things with each other.

Community Livestream

Any kind of ARK related fanart will be accepted to be presented in the showcase part of the stream and the entries are open all the time. This can be anything, such as builds, videos, drawings handmade crafts, etc.

Feel free to submit your ARKwork to the streaming email address: [email protected]

If you don’t want to miss a stream, make sure you follow the developers on the Twitch page:


Are you ready for the Stream Intergalactic Summer Sale? Until July 4th, you can totally gather an ARK-themed outfit for your Salien when you take part in the sale or when you play the Summer Saliens Game for winning some free games.


ARK’S Biggest Sale

Don’t forget to check out the ARK’s biggest sale! The game itself and its expansion packs are on sale on all platforms at the lowest prices. If you want to play them, then quickly buy them now!


ARK: Evolution Event – Fourth of July!

ARK: Evolution Event

The players, who are playing ARK: Survival Evolved will get a special Evolution Event perk on the Fourth of July. It will work from Tuesday the 3rd of July at 2 PM EST until Thursday the 5th of July at 2 PM EST. all the main servers on all platforms will experience this big evolutionary alteration, including:

  • 2x Maturation Rates
  • 2x Mating Rates
  • 2x Egg Hatching Rates

In addition, the players, playing the game on all platforms will get a special Evolution perk this weekend. The perk will be valid from Friday the 6th of July at 1 PM EST until Monday the 9th of July at 3 PM EST. All the main servers across all platforms will also experience this evolutionary alteration, including:

  • 2x Harvesting Rates
  • 2x Taming Rates
  • 2x EXP Rates

That’s all for all the new things about ARK game! If you want to get in touch with the development team, you should follow them via these social networking platforms and sites:

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