Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Is Drawing Closer With A List of Nice Features

Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Is Drawing Closer With A List of Nice Features

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A new announcement has been made by the publisher Studio Wildcard recently hinting that Ark: Survival Evolved game can be accessed via another platform rather than PC and console, and that platform is clearly pointed out as Android and iOS devices. The free-to-play mobile version of Ark is now being advanced by War Drum Studios, promising to bring an exciting full online gaming experience to all players. The entire dinosaur world is totally right in your hands on the screen of a mobile device. Although the size of the world gets smaller, you will still be able to discover over 80 dinosaurs and it’s still an open world where survivors can freely discover. There will be new additions and features added to Ark Mobile, making the game more engaging and amusing!

Full list of features in Ark Mobile

A spectacular wild world for your expeditions

There is no denying that the world of Ark game is always spectacular with plenty of scenic views and landscapes even though there are many aggressive predators lurking. Players can start their expeditions and make their way through this world for collecting rare blueprints as well as Explorer Notes written by the former humans. The island also consists of many mysteries with a backstory, and you’re going to find them out.

Many creatures to tame

Once joining Ark Survival Evolved, you have to show your taming ability because there are many dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures that you will come across in your adventures. Try your best to tame them, then, turn them into your faithful pets.

Collecting resources, crafting items and building structures

Being an unarmed survivor is not good! That’s why you need to venture out into the world gathering a lot of resources, and make good use of them craft new tools, new items or you can construct many structures. To keep your stomach away from the hunger, you can plant seeds for generating food. The game allows you create and design a lot of things with your own style. Don’t forget to make RPF statistic for the outfits, tools, items, weapons, etc.

Be a solitary survivor or join a group

If you are a confident survivor, then feel free to play as a solitary player to cope with all challenges. But if you want to know how team spirit works in this adventure survival game, you can join a group of players and team up with them to beat all opponents and overcome the dangers.  A big-scale battle allows up to 50 friends!

Tribe System

The cooperation between the tribes is motivated by this feature. Now the parties are totally able to share their resources, XP and re-spawn points with each other thanks to Tribe System.

Although there are some new additions and features added to Ark Mobile, the game itself still keeps the familiar gameplay mechanics and promises to bring the ultimate experience to the players on their mobile devices. The new outstanding features can be pointed out are an exclusive user interface, and a specialized control setup designed only for the mobile.

In Ark Mobile, players need to use Amber for getting some optional upgrades which enable them to make a progress more quickly. Also, they can totally get some nice buffs for short periods of time, or construct many specific crafting buildings as well as retrieve their tamed creatures from the dead. Make sure you use the Amber wisely if you are in need of doing all the stuff mentioned above.

At the moment, the official release date of Ark Survival Evolved Mobile isn’t confirmed by the developers yet, however, you should make sure that you keep track of it for more news and updates.

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