ARK: Survival Evolved: Extinction Chronicles III Starts Tomorrow!

ARK: Survival Evolved: Extinction Chronicles III Starts Tomorrow!

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The Extinction Chronicles III will be brought to all survivors across all platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PS4 thanks to a client and server side update released tomorrow. Let’s find out what is waiting for you ahead in the Extinction Chronicles II!

About Extinction Chronicles III

Leading up the official launch of Extinction, there will be several drops of Extinction-related Explorer Notes on The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration in some months. After gathering the notes, you will totally unlock brand new skins relating to Extinction.

Extinction Chronicles III

In addition, the strong Tek-themed Dinosaur variants will also turn up within the ARKs in every month. The Tek Dinos are known as long-term additions, this means that they will keep spawning even after the event comes to its conclusion. A new one will start to turn up every month. Three Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Helmet, and the Tek Rex were also released in Extinction Chronicles I. Three Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Boots and the Tek Stego were released in Extinction Chronicles II.

Tek-themed Dinosaur

Now, are you excited for new stuff in Extinction Chronicles III? You will get access to three new Explorer Notes, the Corrupted Pants and a new Tek creature, the Tek Raptor.


Furthermore, special colored dinosaurs will spawn more and more in the ARKs. You can totally find them sporting red, black, white and grey for the subsequent month starting tomorrow. You should make good use of these special colors before they go extinct.

Patch Notes!

Check out the complete fixes and notes that are coming out in Extinction Chronicles III update!

Extinction Chronicles III:

– Introduced Tek Raptor in the game.

* New breeding line

* 5% chance to spawns

* 20% higher base level

– Attached new color set, including red, black, white, and grey.

– Attached 3 new Explorer Notes and matching unlock (Corrupted Pants)

– Developed maximum player level by 1


– Attached time out to clients that are not responding

Aberration Balance:

– Developed Plant-Z range by 300%

– Activated Tek Teleporter on Aberration

Scorched Balance:

– You are able to grow crop plots anywhere you want (there are no more sunlight problems).

ARK Digest is coming back!

Remember to check out the ARK Digest because it’s coming back! The developers want to bring it back around once a month, and the first one will be released on August 20th.

Send your questions with the Subject “ARK Q&A” to the email address of the ARK dev team: [email protected] if you want to developers to answer all of your questions about the game.

Community Livestream #6

community team

Are you excited about another biweekly livestream? The community team will be carrying out another one on Thursday, August 16th! Don’t miss it, guys!

Throughout the livestreams, you will meet Zen Rowe, Christ, and Jen! They will give you awesome news about ARK game, as well as celebrate modding. When watching these livestreams, you will see the developers play ARK and show off mods with your community creations. Feel free to join them in the chat. You can play the game with them as well as talk with the team easily.

Community Live Stream Submissions

Community Live Stream Submissions

In the showcase part of the stream, any kind of ARK related to fanart will be featured. Also, the entries are open all the time. Anything relating to ARK game will be displayed, like videos, builds, drawings, ANSEL screenshots, handmade crafts, etc.

Don’t forget to send your ARKwork to the development team via the streaming email address: [email protected]

Follow the Twitch page in order not to miss a stream:

Mod Community Updates

The devkit update containing TLC 2 content is finally accessible for manual install. In case you haven’t learned anything about it yet, just visit this link below to get it

The tutorial bounty board is getting more and more famous. A few submissions for things, such as map optimizations and chat commands were all sent to the development team. You now can be ready for several tutorials on that subject at the starting of the next month. If you do care about helping make tutorials, then don’t forget to explore the board every month to find out what bounties are accessible. They contain some cash awards. If you are in the search of some tutorials on topics but it has no bounties, you will seek a form on the similar page then send a bounty request.

Being driven by the community needs, this system was established by the development team. However, the developers do need to know what the needs are. It could be adding new request topics or voting on current requests to be turned into bounties. Go to Modding Tutorial Bounty Board to get more detail.\

ARK: Evolution Event!

Evolution Event!

A special Evolution Event perk will be given to all survivors across all platforms this weekend. The special perk will be triggered starting from Friday the 17th of August at 1 PM EST until Monday the 20th of August at 3 PM EST. The official servers through all platforms will experience this big change, including:

  • 2x Harvesting Rates
  • 2x Taming Rates
  • 2x EXP Rates

That’s all! To keep in touch with the development team, make sure you follow them on:

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