ARK Survival Evolved: Community Crunch 122 with Dino TLC, Extended Evo Event and New Forthcoming Updates

ARK Survival Evolved: Community Crunch 122 with Dino TLC, Extended Evo Event and New Forthcoming Updates

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Surely all players of ARK Survival Evolved will be so excited for the Community Crunch 122 to explore new interesting things such as Dino TLC, extended Evo Event, and further forthcoming things. Let’s check out what they are!

Dino TLC

This time, Dino TLC will focus on the Parasaur that is known as the preferred early tame of all players in the game. The dinosaur won’t get a visual update, however, it will be given several useful skill improvements which turn it into a more convenient creature, especially for the newcomers in TLC #2.

Dino TLC

Being armed with a loud vocalization, the Parasaur will be able to notify the survivors that there are some dangers around them. Also, it will even frighten off some smaller creatures when it uses that voice. Similar to the categories of other creatures, the call is able to be divided with a kind of “turret mode”. In addition, the player can command the call easily.

If you are undergoing some problems with the Pegomastax or Ichthyornis that keep stealing from you whenever you walk down the beach, or when you come across a brutal Raptor group, when a Parasaur tag  along with you and when some annoying creatures are approaching you, now you shouldn’t be worried about that because, with Parasaur, all of them will be kept away from yourself.

When you mount on your Parasaur, it will be able to emit a type of echolocation which notifies you about the locations of your opponents, wild dangerous creatures, or even tames. Thanks to all of these features, Parasaur is definitely a powerful teammate for you, especially when you stroll down the beach. Parasaur is also able to act like a living tripwire alarm to warn their players about a chance of being ambushed by somebody that already sneakily got into their base.

Aside from those new skills mentioned above, the base carry weight of the creature is already developed. Now Parasaur is able to carry more properties throughout your expedition on the island. It’s also equipped with a skill to assault while it’s dashing.

Now Parasaur

the base carry weight of the creature is already developed

New forthcoming things

Besides the Parasaur finishing off the coming thing in TLC #2, the patch consists of some creatures, like Sarco, Spino, Argent, Raptor, Trike, and Parasaur. Also, it is scheduled to be available early in the next week with a unique console released which is scheduled for mid-April. Further updates will be coming out, notifying the players about more precise release dates.

Furthermore, the patching process on PC will be integrated by Wildcard. The development team will count on frequent Tuesday deployments or Wednesday if necessary, excepting the serious fixes that demand patches besides that frequent patch day. These will be compiled weekly bug patching updates instead of individual updates for every single bug fix that were previously released, which brought about so many patches for a week. Together with the growth on TLC #2, the team has also noted and written down these problems so as to analyze them in future.

After launching TLC #2, the development team will concentrate on bug fixes as well as some quality-of-life enhancements in the forthcoming weeks. The team also paid attention to several problems generated by an artistic action which was built to point out the issues that have an influence on the players in a negative way. Once TLC #2 is out, the investigation will be started, and the development team will make an effort to solve these problems.

Brand new servers

The low population Legacy servers were already removed by the development team on Friday. The online new servers have been processed based on the popularity and usage. Below here is the list of the new available servers for you to choose and play on:

  • NA/EU PVE/PVP 327-389
  • OC PvE 390-394
  • NA ORP CrossARK 6
  • EU PVP CrossARK 11
  • NA PVP CrossARK 12
  • EU PVP CrossARK 13

Mod Tutorial Contest

In every single week, the newest member named ZenRowe in the development team will be carrying out some mod spotlights, as well as providing the players with useful tips, tutorials, and some great practices. This will be a small section of the community crunch. A Mod Tutorial Contest will be hosted by the team in each week. This contest will bring encouragement to the mod authors so they can share interesting knowledge, grow the skill level, as well as learn more about new mod authors, or some that are putting their effort into gaining new abilities.

You can discover the initial Modding Tutorial contest here []

Extended 2x Evo Event

Extended 2x Evo Event

Regardless of any platform you are playing on, you will also be presented with a specific Evolution Event perk in this weekend and into the next week. Throughout St. Patrick’s Day, an Evo Event will be available from Friday 16th, at 1 pm ETS to Wednesday 21st at 3 pm. This kind of evolutionary change will take place on all official servers, and it consists of:

  • 2x Harvesting Rate
  • 2x Taming Rate
  • 2x EXP Rate

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