Ark Survival Evolved: Anti-Cheat System Battleye

Ark Survival Evolved: Anti-Cheat System Battleye

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Ark Survival Evolved: Anti-Cheat System Battleye

Hi, guys!

If you’ve been playing ARK Survival Evolved, and you’re tired of confronting with the cheaters, we are here to bring you such an amazing announcement! We finally took our actions against the cheaters and other hackers by activating the so-called BattlEye Anti-Cheat system on the game and use it as a protective to tool against the wicked players.

BattlEye will be operated on all the Offical Servers, and the new implementable to accurately play on Official Servers is ShooterGame\Binaries\ShooterGame_BE.exe that the Steam Launch options have been updated for including. If you decide to start ShooterGame.exe straightly, you will be moved to ShooterGame_BE.exe if connecting to any Official Server that runs the BattlEye system.

For those who want to run the Unofficial Server with the BattlEye system, you can follow this option below:


We will continue to try to work on more measures for the Anti-Cheat so that all the cheatings will be stopped and we can finally catch the bad cheaters trying to get an unjust advantage over other players.

Best regards,

Wildcard Jat & The ARK Survival Evolved Team

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