ARK One Year Anniversary and Patch 242: Enter the Dragon!

ARK One Year Anniversary and Patch 242: Enter the Dragon!

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Get ready for thrilling news about ARK Survival Evolved game awaiting you ahead! This time, all of you will have a great time with ARK one year anniversary as well as find out new Patch 242! Also, the Dragon in the game has already appeared and now, all players will have a chance to encounter with this brave beast, along with some of the dreadful flyer minions in their adventurous volcanic cave. In addition, in this new patch, it will contain extra tribe member settings, a training dummy, cures, new creatures, namely the Dilplodocus, the Leech and so forth.


Birthday Event for ARK Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved game has gone through one year, and it’s still doing well now! In this birthday event for the game, the players will experience a lot of things. They can go hunt for the Candles from Supply boxes to create birthday cakes for the game. when every single candle is put out, there will be a specific message sending to the players, and they can get some of the unique items, such as Player and Dino Party Hats, Fun “Birthday Suits”, and maybe a large Birthday Cake for this anniversary.



Diplodocus Insulaprincep is one of smaller sauropods of the island even though it is known as the bigger creature. It will give maximum speed and larger endurance when it’s comparable to huge brethren.


After domestication, some of the tribes put on a big saddle on this beast, permitting the Diplodocus to bring around 10 passengers. These passengers usually utilize ranged weapons to defend the creature, and launch their assaults to close-by opponents while they are moving.


Diplodocus is known as an odd creature because of its trustful nature. It won’t escape away from any predators until once they have assaulted it constantly. Diplodocus sometimes believe in human beings a lot, and seemingly, it doesn’t even want to counter them!


You may hate the Leech on this island a lot! This creature is viewed as a dangerous blood sucker, and it is not smart. It can attack any living flesh close by just because it wants to deplete the blood of that creature. The Leech is not tamable, and it won’t give a resource to the tribe much, even though some of the tribes have kept them around to make their antidotes.


If you want to get rid of Haementeria, you need to get accurate bladework, or something called open flame. After getting closer to a host, the Leech will start to deplete blood instantly, at a breakneck speed, causing the host to get hungry, lose much health and decrease stamina. Haementeria are also considered as a dangerous carrier when they can spread out their disease named “Swamp Fever”.

In addition, besides experiencing a lot of challenges through that specific event, and explore new creatures, the players also have a chance to discover new construction called Training Dummy. In this structure, you will see some of floating Damage Per Second values that will depict how powerfully every single dinosaur can assault. About the brand new mechanic named Permanent Disease & Cures, this will allow players to spread the disease to Dodos intentionally in order to utilize them as Disease Vectors. If you have a permanent disease, it will remain and then you will have to heal it by utilizing an antidote from the leeches’ blood.

Patch 242

There are so many awesome things that you should check out in this specific patch!

  • Dragon Arena & Dragon Boss Fight
  • Breeding Mechanics Phase 2: Interactive Baby Raising (You can snuggle with your baby dinosaurs, take care of them to get additional advantages)
  • Optional RPG Stat Mode: the floating in-world damage numbers for the players that are joining Damage Events will be exhibited
  • The “Follow Range” ((Low/Medium/Far) Setting Per Tamed Dino has been introduced and added to the game
  • The option for PvE servers has been attached in order to remove the building around serious resource node areas
  • The server option for overworking per-Item Crafting costs has been added
  • The server option for overworking the loot tables for every type of supply box has been added
  • The server option for restricting number of members in Tribes has been added, Default: no restriction
  • Added Multi-Seat Saddles (such as Galli, Diplodocus, and so forth) Now, your dinosaurs can select to allow and adjust public seating.
  • It’s optional for servers to allow an “offline raiding prevention” mode that can cause Dinosaurs/Structures to become unbeatable if there is no possessor logging in. the server owners are suggested to use this carefully because it probably has unwanted secondary effects in such a challenging environment.
  • Tribe Groups Phase 2: Assistance for Limited Non-Admin Invites and promotions/demotions for each group. There are “Prevent Dino Unclaiming” checkbox and other different per-rank selections.
  • Alpha Mosasaurus (contains lots of Black Pearls) has been added
  • Alpha creatures XP decreased by 45%
  • The Auto-Turrets won’t be put on Quetz/Sauro/Mosa/Plesi/Paracer platforms anymore. Any current turrets on those platforms won’t shoot anymore. Otherwise, they are permitted on Rafts and immobile Bases at the moment.

Plant Turrets will swallow Fertilizer for each shot; it will not deliver any shots if there is no water in the crop plot

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