ARK Mobile: Survival Surge Weekend and Creature Contest

ARK Mobile: Survival Surge Weekend and Creature Contest

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Survival Surge Weekend

The survivors are getting pretty close to the official release date of ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile. It’s a free-for-all downloadable adventure game that is playable on iOS/Android devices. For now, you will be able to join the Survival Surge Weekend to discover a brand new server, a wonderful creature competition and more. Players can also achieve the boosted rates on all servers until Monday, May 7th, at 3 PM Eastern.

New server

ARK Mobile featured a new server called Primal Pass-only. The survivors who want to have a traditional experience without making an entry in Premium Structures that couldn’t be worked on the Weathertop anymore can totally try this new server. You can approach Premium Buffs and Soothing Balm in the shop.

Survival Surge Weekend

Competition for the creature

This is a first competition for the creature! When you take part in this contest, you need to exhibit your unique creatures in many screenshots, and definitely make sure that they all meet the requirements, like mutations, color schemes, and the difficulty to domesticate. Remember that the double rates should be used this weekend. Also, you need to send your submission to [email protected].

Try to become the winner of this creature contest for a chance of receiving ARK: Survival Evolved-themed power bank battery. A redemption code will be given to 5 runner-ups, and if you become one of them, you will get one for yourself, then, use it for further special items.

Quickly send your submission to the competition now! The deadline for the submissions will be until 3 PM Eastern on Friday, May 11th. If you are a winner, you will see your screenshots on social channels for later weeks. Missed this beta? Don’t freak out because there will be more contests to be held when the game is officially launched.

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