ARK Mobile: July Cosmetics Update

ARK Mobile: July Cosmetics Update

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With the cosmetics update in July, ARK Mobile brings you a bunch of awesome items and a lot of new content, together with some bug fixes as well as great improvements. All of this promise to make the game more engaging, and surely the players will earn themselves a better experience. At the moment, you can download this new update from your Google Play or App Store.

The only way to get the new items is to visit your in-game store. But, you have to comply with several rules:

  • The free engrams need the Ancient Amber to craft items. Also, the items that are created from it will have a chance to be lost or ruined.
  • If you want to craft items with the paid engrams, you don’t need the Ancient Amber to do that. However, there is still a possibility for the crafted items to be lost or destroyed.
  • But if you want to obtain some buyable items, you need to have the Ancient Amber. Feel free to craft these items without any requirements. If they are lost or destroyed, they will always get back to your inventory.



Analog Clock and Digital Clock are all awesome items that can be purchased. Once you buy them, you can start using them to check the current time when you’re in the game or the time in the real world. Normally, you hang the Analog Clock on the wall and place the Digital Clock on a certain flat surface.

In addition, you can even buy several curtains with simple details. These curtains are put on sales in packs of 4. They can be placed on a nice window frame. You can open them or close them. Also, you can even make them nicer by painting them with some beautiful colors.

Elegant Lamp

Some pieces, like Elegant Lamp, Elegant Bed, Elegant Table, Elegant Bench and Elegant Chair are also introduced in ARK Mobile through this update. Make good use of them to adorn your base if you want. They are used as free engrams, only except for the Elegant Lamp that you have to buy. In addition, you can employ the Elegant Bed as a respawn point.

Weapon Mounts and Armor Stand

Weapon Mounts and Armor Stand are all added to the mobile version too. They are used for exhibiting several gears that you haven’t utilized yet. You will buy them with inventories. Just open their inventories, drag one into its inventory, and then you can display them. The exhibited items will be wiped out from your inventory when you display them.



Rugs can be considered as a kind of item that you can use to decorate your base. There are some nice rugs added to the game, and they are all creature-themed, like e Dire Bear Rug, Dodo Rug, Sabertooth Rug, Gigantopithecus Rug and the Titanoboa Rug. You need to purchase them if you want to use the rugs, then place them on a flat surface.

With the rugs, you can totally show the features of the creatures you already tamed. Just simply place any creature implant into the similar rug’s inventory, then the name and color scheme of your tamed creature will be exhibited.

Rugs Items

Besides those rugs mentioned above, Woven Rugs and Elegant Rugs are the extra rugs you can purchase. They all have unique characteristics. All the rugs will be shown on the walls in the following update.



Statues are added to the mobile version too. They are the obsidian-made life-sized status that you can employ as the markers of some previous achievements. Or, you can use them as warnings to invading enemy tribes. There are several great statues you can buy, including the Carnotaurus Statue, Pteranodon Statue, Kairuku Statue, Spinosaur Statue, Tusoteuthis Statue and Giganotosaurus Statue. Feel free to switch them between many poses.

Statues Items



With the gardens, your base surely becomes very beautiful! You can build some gardens and make sure you operate them well by giving them a lot of water. To keep your garden well-operated, the Water Fountain has been introduced in the game. It surely takes good care of your gardens. Just simply use it as a free engram. It will be filled up when raining. No need to use a pipe or electricity to run it!

Stone Planter, Ceramic Pot, Stone Pot, or Ceramic Planter

Feel free to plant your seeds in the gardens! Some useful items are also added to the game with the purpose of helping you plant the seeds, like Ceramic Pot, Stone Pot, Ceramic Planter and Stone Planter. They are accessible as free engrams. Just use any seeds for them, excluding for Plant Species X.

Snake Plant Seeds

ARK Mobile also introduces four new flower kinds to the players, with the exclusive Snake Plant Seeds too. They are buyable items. You can use them to create more seeds of the similar type or refine Potent Dust out of the air. In the Garden section in the store, there are some seeds you can find, like the Papaver Seeds (Poppy Flowers), Aconitum Seeds (Monkshood Flowers), Leucanthemum Seeds (Shasta Daisies), and Hemerocallis Seeds (Daylilies).

Types of Hedges

Some kinds of hedges are also included in this update, such as Round Hedge, Cone Hedge and Box Hedge. These hedges are purchasable engrams. You can snap them without ceasing to define your garden easily. In addition, you can even make good use of the hedges to create a hiding place when putting on certain armor.

Gravel Paver

You can easily establish the walkways around your garden by making good use of the pavers. Between the structures at your base, you should also make some pathways to easily walk around them. You can find the Gravel Paver engram in the store, get it for free if you want. Other pavers are available as buyable engrams, such as Gravel Half Paver, Brick Paver, Brick Half Paver, Marble Paver, Marble Half Paver, Rock Paver, and Rock Half Paver.

Several other items can be utilized to make your Garden Collection more complete, including as the Trellis Archway, Trellis Fence, Stone Steps, Crop Bed (Round), and Crop Bed (Square). They are all purchasable engrams. Make sure you always save some Trellis Fence pieces and replace your ramps with the Stone Steps.

Garden Collection

Don’t forget about the Gnomes! They are great items in the Garden Collection. If you want to have them in your garden, you have to purchase them at the same time. Place them in your garden!



In ARK Mobile, you can check out some skins too! They are all purchasable items. You can only purchase once per server or in Single Player. Don’t worry about the skins getting lost because they will come back to your inventory upon death. For now, you can get access to some accessories in the store, like the Chieftan Hat, Captains Hat, DodoRex Mask, and Werewolf Mask.

Extra Improvements

The quality of the game will be much better thanks to some extra improvements in this update. The player expiration timer is much increased from 3 days to 7 days. This will help people who can’t log into the game as frequently as others, and now they have a longer amount of time to do that. Also, the server browser will emphasize on the most recent server you played on, this will help you return to the game more easily. In addition, with the daily server maintenance from 4 am to 5 am, the server lag will be decreased.

Some bugs for the PvP players are also fixed, especially the auto turrets that aim at the incoming Rocket Propelled Grenades properly. Also, the principal features on the opponent tribe tames are functioning as planned.

Full Patch Notes

If you are an iOS user, you can get the full patch notes with v1.0.86, and v1.0.87 if you are an Android user:

  • The in-game store now contains so many cosmetic items. You can purchase them to decorate your base if you want. They are very diverse, including elegant furniture, rugs, status, weapon, and armor mounts. Some accessories are also added to the game too, they can be used to construct a beautiful garden.
  • Fixed an issue when your tamed creatures have a chance of getting lost.
  • The server browser now points out the most recent sever that you have played on.
  • The daily server maintenance will now be carried out from 4 am to 5 am in order to decrease the server lag.
  • The player expiration timer is now developed, from 3 days to 7 days.
  • Resolved the structure building errors causing the building to be incompatible.
  • The auto turrets that are aiming at the rockets got fixed and altered.
  • Dung Beetle AI got fixed too.
  • Solved a bug when two grenades were being absorbed.
  • You can freely feed Titanosaur in single player now.
  • The fishing while the on-screen buttons are used was fixed too.
  • The enemy tribe tame highlights on PvP servers got fixed and altered.
  • You won’t experience the misc collision problems in the game anymore.
  • Already solved and enhanced the stability of the game.

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