ARK: Fear Evolved 2

ARK: Fear Evolved 2

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ARK: Fear Evolved 2

All the survivors of ARK Survival Evolved can be prepared for the forthcoming hot event which will take place from October 27 until November 6. Are you excited about ARK: Fear Evolved 2? This is known as an amazing sequel to the so-called Survival Holiday-Themed Event that you can join and examine your abilities, this is also a good chance that you can become a mighty legendary DodoWyvern throughout the Scorched Earth, and pick up a lot of brand new cosmetics or any costumes. Once returning to the Island, you are supposed to take on many missions, like domesticating Snakes, coming across some rare Vampire Bats and Rabid Dire Wolves. If you get bitten by these contagious creatures, you will obtain Vampirism or Lycanthropy. You can be turned into a strong monster, but don’t worry, you will still get more powers regardless of what it is, like superhuman sight, speed, strength, the slipping of a Vampire and so forth. In this awesome Fear Evolved 2, occasionally, you may think that you are the most deadly creature in the game.

Patch 248

Are you ready for the new updated in this Patch 248? You still can get this update even though the latest ARK patch is postponed. Nevertheless, you probably have to wait a bit longer to check out this update. The patch contains plenty of brand new features and other cool stuff, so the development team needs to spend more time on finishing the patch. The release date of v248 is scheduled to be on October 18.


Procedurally Generated ARK system is considered as a crucial feature added to the patch. Thanks to this, all survivors will get infinite chances to discover awesome new lands and make their unforgettable memories. Lots of staff are trying to work on this patch in order to ensure that all players will have a good time when they explore and bring so many better gaming experiences to them. In addition, this patch also makes a nice user interface to help you take care of your maps, personalize, or randomize them more easily.  Your maps can be shared with others as well!

Hopefully, all survivors of the game will understand the reason for postponing the patch. Don’t be anxious about this problem because you can be sure that there are tons of useful and better features that are worth a try once the patch is released.

Keep calm and stick with ARK Survival Evolved game to find out further forthcoming events and plans in the next month, October!

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